Internet Solutions Targets SMEs with a new Unified Cloud Mail Service


Internet Solutions Kenya has launched a new cost-effective, integrated cloud mail service targeting Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) as it strives to grow its revenue and market share.

The new cloud-based service dubbed integrated email solutionoffers complete e-mail functionality, collaboration archiving and branding on a single platform. The service will be offered in partnership with SYNAQ, a South African open source cloud e-mail management services company where Internet Solutions has a majority stake.

According to Internet Solutions Managing Director Richard Hechle, email is central to all organizations and has become the most essential business application and as a result, the ability to continuously protect, store, manage and archive great volumes of email is a critical business issue.

He said as Kenyan businesses are now at the mainstream stage of cloud adoption, the company is keen on creating a competitive offering that meets specific requirements in terms of compliance and an alternative to other local and global e-mail solutions.

“This integrated cloud mail solution offers a single platform for collaboration, e-mail functionality, security and archiving at the lowest possible price. Our service comes with an end-to-end service level agreement (SLA) that ensures enterprise-grade service with a guarantee of 99.9 percent uptime and the assurance that companies’ e-mail is appropriately protected from viruses, phishing attacks and spam,” he said.

The solution offers a spam-free 25GB mailbox, shared calendar and contacts, global address lists, individual distribution lists, file storage, conversation views, and native archiving. It is compatible with all popular mail clients most common of which is Outlook. The platform is also independent meaning it can be accessed via any popular Web client and mobile push technology which includes, full BlackBerry Enterprise Server integration that enables greater workforce mobility at no cost.

“At a very competitive price point, organizations can take advantage of all the capabilities offered by cloud computing while ensuring that e-mail, security and archiving needs are met. With our proactive Software-as-a-Service approach to email security, secure e-mail is a counter against new viruses and spamming tactics as they emerge around the world, and filters email-borne spam and viruses before they reach corporate networks,” he added.

Integrated email service full collaboration functionality also lets client synchronize video and tele conference meetings with their calendar, which makes it faster to set up and manage online meetings. Secure e-mail incorporates an array of anti-virus, anti-spam, content control and anti-phishing technologies that act an extra line of defence between the public Internet and email users.