PG Bison Holds a Three Day Expo to Launch New Products

Purity Wandia (right) an Architect, and Diana Kigo (left) an Interior Designer of Sitescape Studio admire some easy to open kitchen drawers during the Expo to launch PG Bison’s 2019 range of products. A special session for artisans and craftsmen showed them how to fit ready to assemble cabinets and guided them to help customers plan cupboards, interiors and kitchens.

In line with the Big Four Agenda specific to affordable housing and manufacturing, PG Bison Kenya a leading supplier of MDF and particleboard held a three day Expo event to launch their 2019 range of decorative wood based panels and Blum furniture fittings. The raw materials for their panels are sourced in South Africa from responsibly managed, sustainable and renewable “man-made” forests, and do not contribute to forestry degradation on the continent.

The event showcased the Company’s latest decors, finishes and furniture fittings. The highlight of the program was a special session for PG Bison’s clients such as furniture manufacturers, specifiers, artisans and carpenters, showing them how to plan their cabinets and also design practical and ergonomic work-spaces combined with Blum furniture fittings and PG Bison’s particleboard and MDF panels.

Furniture manufacturers and cabinet-makers are able to source their materials from PG Bison and manufacture their end furniture products themselves, or they can make use of PG Bison’s value addition service. PG Bison offers the latest processing technology to cut, edge and drill their wood based panels into furniture parts, or ready-to-assemble cabinets as a further service to their clients.

This service gives the cabinet-maker, or furniture manufacturer the ability to outsource the manufacturing of their furniture components to PG Bison, and focus up the value chain to the end-customer offering their own expertise in design, build, fabrication and site installation.

PG Bison partners with Blum an Austria based international company that specialises in the production of functional furniture fittings. These include hinges, lift and runner systems, inner dividing systems and appropriate assembly tools for cabinet making and the furniture industry.

During the Expo, Blum made a presentation on space dynamics showing how to design a kitchens and work flows to maximize space and convenience. They elaborated on the most important features of practical kitchens arrived at through years of research.

Tobias Joseph from Blum explained, “A modern kitchen must be beautiful, but design is key. This is done based on the user’s size, lifestyle, shopping and cooking habits. For example, you cannot install very high cabinets, or a high worktop if the user is short. A big family that shops twice a month will require more storage space and more work surfaces, than a single person who cooks once a week.”

“The work flow should be simple, the space optimally utilized and the user must be able to move with ease from one work place to another. Quick to open and pop up cabinets are the way to go especially for mothers with babies who often have to multi-task and older people who cannot bend, or stretch easily. This applies not just to kitchens, but also bathroom, bedroom and wardrobe spaces.”

PG Bison stocks the largest variety of medium density fiberboard and particleboard in Kenya, offers the latest decors and trends in the market, and a wide selection of kitchen worktops and furniture fittings to complement their basket of products to the furniture and construction industry.

PG Bison’s products are used in typical residential cabinet applications such as kitchens, wardrobes and bathrooms, and also in commercial spaces such as office furniture, partitions and shop fitting.