Choosing the Right Lawn Mower for a Well-Manicured Lawn

Davis Kuria a technician at Car and General arranges a variety of lawn mowers in readiness for the rainy season. The Company stocks ride-on mowers, push lawn mowers and brush cutters at the Showroom on Lusaka Road.

The rains are finally here bringing the prospect of well-manicured lawns. Beautiful gardens do not just happen, they are created by carefully tending the grass and trimming the hedges so that they are at their best. Though mowing a lawn seems simple enough, it pays to invest in the right tools for the job.

Car and General Stocks Briggs and Stratton range of ride-on mowers, push lawn mowers and brush cutters for both domestic and commercial use. Loise Wangui, the Sales Manager at Car and General explains the different kinds of lawn mowers and gives guidelines on choosing the most appropriate one for individual needs.

Walk Behind Lawnmowers

These are the most commonly used lawn mowers which are either push or self-propelled lawnmowers. In case of a Push lawnmower the operator stands behind and pushes the equipment whereas the self-propelled the operator’s job is simply to guide the machine. Walk behind mowers come in a variety of sizes depending on the acreage of your garden and how much money you wish to spend.

For a typical townhouse backyard garden, the basic 3.5 horsepower is most appropriate. This is small, simple to operate, pocket friendly and easy to maintain. For bigger gardens, it is wiser to invest in a 6 horsepower or more.

Most mowers have inbuilt grass collectors either in canvas, or plastic for people not wishing to rake the lawn after mowing. They also have height adjustor so that you can cut grass to your desired height.

The quality of a mower is determined by the deck on which the engine sits. These come  in a choice of aluminum, alloy, or cast iron decks which last longer and do not rust from the wet grass. Some models have self-cleaning nozzles and higher rear wheels making them easier to move on thick grass.

Ride on Mowers

Ride on mowers are most suitable for big gardens, golf courses, school fields, play grounds and ranches. As the name suggests the rider sits on the mower so it is less tiring to the operator and has the advantage of speed so it can mow a large area in a short time. They are available in several sizes with different specifications.

With so much variety in the market, Briggs and Stratton have designed their units to ensure comfort and speed while mowing.

Brush cutters

Brush cutters are powered garden tools used to trim hedges, small trees, long grass and foliage not accessible by a lawnmower. Various blades, or trimmer heads can be attached to the machine for specific applications.

The base range is the 2hp engine which is adequate for domestic use while the more powerful 3hp engine is ideal for commercial purposes. These are light to carry and operate with the main advantage of ergonomic design which makes them easy to manoeuvre.