PG Bison’s journey began in 2002 as an SME offering medium density fibreboard (MDF), particleboard and furniture fittings to the Kenyan market. Over the years, the company has made significant strides in growing from a small business to a leader in the company’s chosen markets for the supply of raw materials and locally manufactured components to the furniture and construction industries.

Large-scale investments into high tech equipment for the manufacture of furniture components and ready-to-assemble cabinets combined with continuous training of staff and self-employed artisans have transformed the Company. Now, PG Bison is a manufacturing organisation using raw material sourced in South Africa from sustainable and renewable “man made” forest. Wood based panels are cut, edged, drilled, routed and laminated to their clients size and specification requirements.

Many of these panels are ordered by artisans who work independently having been trained by PG Bison. Some now run their own SMEs with their own employees. This has spawned a whole new segment of artisans in the kitchen, wardrobe and furniture segments.

To create these SMEs, PG Bison along with its key suppliers run training programs at their cost, to ensure that these channel partners provide the best quality furniture to the Kenyan market. Over the years PG Bison has trained more than 600 artisans to design and fabricate cabinets. A significant number of artisans have been equipped with the special tools and jigs required for this work. This enables them to achieve high finishing standards for their customers.

The role of these SMEs is to offer design to their customers and then determine their furniture component requirements that they out-source from PG Bison Kenya’s value add plant. The value chain to the end-customer is completed by fabricating, assembling and installing world-class furniture and fittings.