DT Dobie Supports Survey Of Endangered Grey Crowned Cranes

Ian Middleton (left) the Managing Director of DT Dobie and Werner Schroeder (right) the Africa Officer of the Nature and Biodiversity Union of Germany (NABU) discuss the itinerary of the ongoing Grey Crowned Crane Survey which is using two Volkswagen safari vans for the countrywide project.

DT Dobie is supporting the ongoing countrywide survey of the endangered Grey Crowned Cranes which continues until March the 8th by providing two Volkswagen safari vans to carry the Nature and Biodiversity Union of Germany (NABU), National Museums of Kenya, Nature Kenya and Crane Conservation Volunteers on their mission.

Working under the leadership of Werner Schroder, the Africa officer of NABU teams will visit areas where there are habitats of Crowned Cranes. The places which will be surveyed include lake Baringo and lake Bogoria, Laikipia, Samburu and Amboseli.

The last Grey Crowned Craned survey took place in 2017 and showed that the population of these birds at the time numbered only 1,800.

After speaking briefly about the contributions made by DT Dobie to conservation and environment projects including the Volkswagen four wheel drive safari vans in the convoy of vehicles carrying the participants in the conservation survey, Ian Middleton, the Managing Director of DT Dobie, and Dr. Peter Njoroge, the National Museums of Kenya Head of the Department of Ornithology flagged away the survey teams.