Are You Cut Out for a Career as a Real Estate Agent?


It is never too late to become a Real Estate Agent. Just so that you know early enough, you can become a successful one.

Are you ready for that? Do you have the passion for it?

Maybe you have been in the industry but you have stagnated and desire to grow. Or, maybe, you are switching from another career such as banking or insurance. You now would love to dip your toes in Kenya’s real estate ocean – and then dive headlong into it for the swim of the rest of your life. Are you prepared for this?

What do you need to do to launch a successful Real Estate agency career?

To help you launch a successful real estate agency, we have prepared some brief notes and tips to set you off. Read on and decide when you want to join one of the most lucrative businesses around – and enjoy the ride of your life.


This is really the first thing you need to have. Are you passionate about helping people buy or sell properties? Remember, you will become the bridge between buyers and sellers of property. Both of them could be quite demanding and picky.

You will deal with both parties and provide them with useful information and expert advice. And so, you will need to be dedicated and willing to invest your time in doing this. Would you love to do that?


Let’s agree: You need relevant training to become a successful estate agent.

Don’t you think so?

Fine, we know that almost anyone with the passion and right attitude can sell property. But, to get that edge and offer your customers real value, you absolutely need the right training. In addition to deep knowledge about the industry and the market, you need negotiation, customer service, marketing, communication and goal-setting skills, among others.

Arm yourself with the right skills and you can confidently join the field. The more you learn, the more you earn.


Operating without clear values is akin to wandering in a massive forest without a compass. You need a strong moral compass to fairly deal with buyers and sellers of properties. You must always be ethical in your dealings with your customers.

Do not misrepresent, exaggerate or engage in acts of deception.

The law prohibits unethical behaviour in all aspects of real estate practice, including advertising, property disclosure, listing agreements and contract facilitation. That is fraud.

Know that integrity and honesty will take you far in the real estate business. You can be sure that your customers will spread the good word about you – for free. Referrals will stream in, earning you more commissions. Won’t you be happy that your customers are helping to market you?

You must also exhibit the highest standards of professionalism. This will be seen in your commitment to offer excellent real estate services to your customers. Paint the correct picture of situations so that your customers make truly informed decisions. Don’t you think so?

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To become an outstanding Real Estate Agent, you need to choose a reputable Real Estate firm that offers you an opportunity to learn and grow your career through continuous training.

Contact RE/MAX Kenya, the leading global Real Estate brand with over 45 years of experience in the industry.