Internet Solutions Sets up a Cyber Threat Intelligence Centre

Internet Solutions MD Richard Hechle (right) and company’s Head of security services Dr. Bright Mawudor cut the ribbon to launch the IS Cyber Threat Intelligent Centre/Courtesy.

Internet Solutions has invested Shs20 million in setting up a Cyber Threat Intelligence Centre that aims to help companies to monitor, analyze and respond to evolving cyber threats.

The move is meant to help companies operating in Kenya and in Africa to develop a risk-based, proactive cyber resiliency strategy that will help them prevent, detect and respond to cyber-attacks within their IT environments. The company will be looking to invest an additional Shs30 million in the next 12months in expanding the facilities and hiring more cyber security engineers.

Cyberattacks are increasingly becoming coordinated and sophisticated, with cyber criminals targeting specific organisations, regions and customer profiles. To prevent potential financial, reputational and operational impairment occasioned by the increasing cyber threats and attacks, organisations in Kenya and worldwide are being compelled to implement early detection controls to safeguard their IT assets.

According to the Communications Authority’s quarterly report released in April this year, Kenya’s cybersecurity threats increased by 167 percent to 10.2 million from 3.8 million detected in the previous quarter. Within the same period, 12,197 cyber threat advisories were issued within the period to the affected organizations, marking a 91 per cent increase from the advisories sent out to affected institutions in the previous quarter.

Speaking during the launch, Internet Solutions Head of Cyber Security Services Dr. Bright Mawudor said cyber risk has become a major concern for businesses of all sizes, across all sectors and CIOs are under increasing pressure from boards to protect their organizations against evolving cyber threats albeit with strained budgets.

“We understand how expensive and complicated monitoring, analysis and response capabilities needed to keep businesses safe can be, especially with most companies being under pressure to do more with less.  Therefore, our threat intelligence centre has been set up to help our clients to be cyber resilient in a cost-effective way,” he said.

“We offer a broad range of cyber and managed services that will help you tackle the ever-changing risk landscape. Whether it’s threat monitoring, threat intelligence, data protection, incident response and more, we have certified engineers with vast experience in identifying potential gaps in your security controls as well as identifying any unknown attackers on your network,” Mawudor added.

Operating on 24/7 daily basis, the centre will provide a real-time cyber security service tailored to each company, based on Internet Solution’s cross-industry expertise. He noted that understanding the risks to your business, and knowing who might attack you, and why, play a key role in preventing financial or reputational damage from a cyber incident.

According to Mawudor, there is no way to completely protect a business from a determined attacker, so it is critical to provide continuous monitoring to protect your organization.

“Our threat monitoring managed service works by leveraging the client’s existing security investments, consuming their output into our state-of-the-art analysis platforms, and correlating and combining them to identify risks beyond the capabilities of their individual technologies. Our unrivaled delivery capability operates 24×7, combining our specialist team’s experience and knowledge of your business to review and mitigate potential threats before they have an impact,” Mawudor emphasized.

Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) services help to inform an organization of potential and current cyber-attacks to their applications and infrastructure. Internet Solutions’ Cyber Intelligence Centre offers a range of bespoke CTI services combining its well-trained engineers and a range of state-of-the-art technology to monitor online activity for active or potential threats.

About Internet Solutions 

Internet Solutions Kenya is the leading and most reliable converged Communication, IT infrastructure, Cyber Resiliency and Business Continuity Service Provider in East Africa.

Internet Solutions is fully owned by Dimension Data Group (DD) which has a global asset base of over US$ 100 Billion. Dimension Data Group is owned by NTT Group.

Started way back in 1993 in South Africa and entered the East African market in 2006 through multiple acquisitions including Interconnect Limited, AccessKenya and Continuity East Africa which were some of the largest ISPs and Business Continuity service providers in the market.

Internet Solutions leverages global infrastructure partnerships and footprint to support organizations with the rapid deployment of emerging technologies.