AA Kenya Celebrates 100 Years of Motoring Excellence

Francis Theuri, CEO, AA Kenya.

The Automobile Association of Kenya (AA Kenya) is the largest Members’ motoring Association in Kenya with branch network in all major towns countrywide. It was founded in 1919 by Lionel Douglas Galton Fenzi as the Royal East Africa Automobile Association. AA Kenya is internationally affiliated to the Fédération Internationale de L’Automobile (FIA) which represents over 100 million motorists worldwide.

At AA Kenya, we offer a wide array of services all geared towards making the motoring experience safe and comfortable for motorists. We also inculcate safe road practices to protect all road users against road crashes.

Among our wide array of services are: Driver Instruction (both learner and advanced); Vehicle Assessment and Inspection; Road Rescue and Recovery Services, Technical Training; Carnet de Passage and International Driving Permit along with Driver Recruitment.

AA Kenya services are more customer centric and put each customer’s unique needs in mind. Our services are tailored to address the progressing times where we anticipate each of our members’ needs and pre-empt them in good time. Our name is also defined by the high standards of professionalism and quality employed in meeting the needs of our customers. We are also more inclined towards providing not just comfort but also the overall safety for our members, their passengers and other road users. We have a strong branch network across the country allowing our members excellent service at all times regardless of location.

Last year, even as we approached the 100-year mark, we made the decision to address the unique needs of our members. In light of this, we repackaged our product offering to provide a choice array to allow everyone to be a part of us. We therefore have a choice 3 packages for individual membership: Classic; Prestige and Premier. We also have Corporate membership and Access Membership (for those who would like to make use of AA Kenya services for a short period of time. Lately, we have also launched AA Kenya Junior Membership which is introduced as a Road Safety Club in schools to encourage children to embrace good road safety practices from a tender age. That way, we churn out well cultured adults in matters road safety at the end of the programme.

To join AA Kenya is now as easy as a tap of a button. By simply dialling *650# on your mobile phone, you can sign up for membership easily. Our website www.aakenya.co.ke also provides a platform for joining the Association with complete steps at the end of which one will be a member. Should you wish to do it personally, you can easily walk into any of our many branches countrywide and get instant assistance in order to begin enjoying our wide array of services.

AA Kenya remains head and shoulders above the rest as a provider of quality services to motorists. We are also champions of road safety and have, many times, partnered with stakeholders in the industry to push the road safety message even further. We also sponsor several activities aimed at equipping motorists and other road users with essential skills that would on occasion draw the difference between life and death. As we speak, we have trained more than 1 million students in learner and advanced driving instruction for all categories of driving. We also are leading others in training first responders in event of an accident to preserve lives as much as possible.

As AA Kenya, all our services are geared towards making the whole motoring experience safe and we therefore begin from training and retraining motor vehicle operators to be safe drivers as this is the beginning of maintaining safe roads.

AA Kenya also carries out constant advocacy to the public on all possible platforms to support messaging on importance of good road safety practices. We employ channels in mainstream media i.e. television, radio and print, along with alternative media, i.e. social media. We also have our own inhouse tool, the Autonews Magazine on which we publish information on safe road use and vehicle maintenance to uphold the safety of road users from individual level.

We also take the message to the grassroots by practically training road users in observing safe road practices. This includes the bodaboda users along with public service vehicle operators.

AA Kenya membership currently stands at slightly above 100,000 members. In the near future we hope all the country’s motorists will be represented under the AA Kenya arm.

Our plan is also to influence the entire country to embrace good road safety practices. As such, we are doing our best to influence Kenyans from all quarters, race and tribe, age and all walks of life to start embracing the notion so as to reduce road fatalities by 100 per cent.