DT Dobie Launches the Latest Mercedes Actros Prime Mover Truck

Torsten Bauerheim (right), Head of Sales and Customer Service Mercedes-Benz Trucks, Daimler shows the new Mercedes-Benz Actros 3342 to Anthony Maina (left), the DT Dobie, Mombasa Branch Manager.

Acrobats set a giant wall of paper wall ablaze to reveal the latest Mercedes-Benz prime mover truck at the launch held in the Nyali Golf and Country Club.

The new model was greeted with applause by the transporters who thronged the function hosted by DT Dobie. Zarak Khan, the Executive Chairman stated, “Throughout the 70 years history of DT Dobie Mercedes Benz trucks have been a very important part of the Company’s business”.

“One of the first Company owned vehicles was a 1952 Mercedes- Benz truck. This was used for 31 years to ferry spares from Mombasa to Nairobi. The historical Mercedes was on display together with the latest Actros prime mover”.

“All of us in DT Dobie know that we are fortunate to represent Mercedes-Benz trucks which have a well-earned reputation for reliability and long life combined with value for money. We have enhanced this status by quality servicing and repairs carried out by our factory trained technicians who are backed by a comprehensive stock of spares”.

“Another factor is the DT Dobie training centre which was established in conjunction with Daimler over 45 years ago. This serves both DT Dobie and Mercedes –Benz agents throughout the region”.

A giant paper wall set ablaze by acrobats unveiled the latest Mercedes-Benz Actros prime mover truck at the launch held by DT Dobie in the Nyali Golf and Country Club.

Zarak Khan, concluded, “It is no surprise that the Actros has been the best seller in the Kenya prime mover segment for six years and achieved over 52 per cent share in the first three quarters of 2019”.

The latest Actros sets new benchmarks for performance and fuel efficiency.  The transport business becomes increasingly competitive and the fuel consumption of the latest model has been reduced by up to four percent.

Confidence in the new model stems from the experience of the world’s longest established and most highly reputed truck manufacturer. For over 100 years Mercedes-Benz has become famous for pioneering new vehicle technology and manufacturing robust vehicles.

As a truck only earns money when it is up and running. The new Mercedes-Benz Actros has been subjected to more than 60 million test kilometres. The unrelenting test programmes included summer and winter trials at extreme temperatures, millions of kilometres on rough roads and endurance testing.