Are Real Estate Agents Still Relevant?


First, let’s clarify the small matter of this header: We’re referring to professional real estate agents. We’re not talking about any fly-by-night or briefcase agent.

Secondly, we know that technology is changing how people do business. Truly, it is.

But, let’s ask ourselves: Is the traditional realtor becoming irrelevant? Has the pervasive communication technology shunted the realtor aside?

Granted, we’re living in the Digital Age. Property buyers can obtain plenty of information online. There’s so much information on property on the internet, right? But, is that information always suitable for you?

As a property buyer or seller, you can decide to search online for listings or to list yours. But is that all that a real estate agent would have done for you?

The big question remains: Do you need a real estate agent to buy or sell property today? Is that the case in this age of the internet, and of smartphones?

We believe technology has not come to replace the real estate agent. It is here to aid the realtor. Surprised?

Let’s examine just a few points on why you should work with a professional real estate agent.

Save Time

Buying or selling property can take a while. Are you prepared to pursue the process to conclusion? Wouldn’t you rather leave the agent to deal with this process? You will get time to focus on what you do.


You can surf the internet for as long as you want. At the end, will you have obtained the information you want? Is it information you can use to make decisions? You want information on properties available in specific areas. Is this information available on the internet or are you better off referring to a real estate agent’s database?

Negotiation Skills

Let’s agree: Well-trained real estate agents are expert negotiators. Whether you are a buyer or seller, they’ll help you get a great deal. Try one, unless your negotiation skills are better. Are they?

Division of Labour

You are new to dealing in property. This is not what you do daily. It is not your usual business. Do you agree that your lack of sophistication may put you at risk? Some people may take advantage of your naivety. You’re a teacher or a doctor and an expert in your area of specialisation. Who’s better placed to handle real estate affairs expertly? Your real estate agent, of course.

Fiduciary Duty

Your agent is on your side. Know that. S/he has a duty to ‘fight’ for you so that you get a fair deal. Similarly, s/he will protect your privacy. You may have information you’d not want to splash on the Net. Trust your professional agent to keep this information secret.


Selling or buying property is a legal journey. You have to read and sign multiple documents. Are you ready for this hustle? Your agent can help you get a fast grasp of the key issues.

More Value

You can bet (for today only, anyway) that a real estate agent can squeeze some extra value from any deal for you. The agent’s understanding of the market cannot be taken for granted. It’s based on skill honed over time and tools you may lack access to.

Get an Agent

You crave that personal touch only a real estate agent can offer. Contact a RE/MAX agent today.