Vitafoam Diversifies Into Making Hand Sanitizers

Vitafoam Diversifies Into Making Hand Sanitizers Destin Africa
Beatrice Asinza (left), Justus Mwangi (centre) and Tyson Bushuru (right), make face masks in the Vitafoam Products factory to help meet the heavy demand caused by COVID-19 outbreak.

To help meet the heavy demand for face masks and hand sanitizers, Vitafoam Products Limited has added the manufacture of these items to the Company’s core business of making mattresses.

The Company has joined the growing list of approved makers of hand sanitizers in the national campaign to limit COVID-19 infections.

Sharad Barot, the Chief Operations Officer of Vitafoam said, “As the virus is spread by close contact we are also prioritizing the protection of our employees by ensuring distancing and good hygiene at all our work stations in the factory and warehouse.”
“When our employees report for work they are given hand sanitizers and face masks. In addition we have reduced the number of workers on duty at any time by introducing shifts to give more space.

About Vitafoam Products Limited.
Vitafoam Products Limited, a leading manufacturer of innovative foam based products and specializes in manufacturing flexible polyurethane foam products. These include spring and foam mattresses, foam sheets, cushions, carpets underlays, bolsters and pillows of different densities and sizes and non-woven bags. These products are manufactured in line with the Company’s vision to provide comfort, relaxation and rest by using modern machinery combined with strict quality control to ensure affordability.