DT Dobie Offers Health Checks For Pre-Owned Vehicles

DT Dobie Offers Health Checks For Pre-Owned Vehicles Destin Africa

All too often a buyer of a used car does not obtain a proper check of the condition of the vehicle before closing the deal. Instead gets an opinion from a friend, or a mechanic who carries out roadside work. Later this frequently results in discovering major faults with heavy bills for repairs and spares.

Help is offered by DT Dobie with mechanical inspections for owners, buyers and sellers of used Mercedes and Volkswagen cars covering those bought locally, or imported from other countries.

Andrew Munyua, the DT Dobie Deputy Service Manager Nairobi explained, “For a fixed cost of  3,000 shillings plus VAT, we carry out what we call a ‘health check’. This is thorough mechanical inspection of the vehicle and we advise customers about defects that need repairs, or replacement parts. This task is done by appointment to avoid delays. ”

“If a customer has repairs carried out in our workshop, or parts bought from DT Dobie, the 3,000 shillings is refunded, or credited to the bill.”

He summed up, Pre owned buyers of used Mercedes and Volkswagen cars are advised to have a thorough mechanical check-up by DT Dobie before concluding a purchase. This will save expenses resulting from unexpected repairs, or and parts required for the work.

DT Dobie has put in place measures to ensure compliance with the rules which the Government has introduced to limit the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19. The Company has taken great care with temperature checks, hand sanitizing and social distancing which have become routine in public areas throughout Kenya.