How to Find The Best Fertility Center Near You

How to Find The Best Fertility Center Near You

Every year, clients facing fertility problems seek help from various fertility clinics worldwide. The journey to parenthood for each of them is unique.

For those seeking fertility services, the starting point is usually the hardest nut to crack. It may seem easy to find fertility centers, but the most challenging riddle to unravel is: Which center will be the right one for you?

We asked world-renowned fertility doctors including Fertility Point’s lead IVF consultant Dr. Rajesh Chaudhary on how to select the best fertility clinic. Here below is what they had to say.

Things to consider when looking for a fertility clinic:
• Check their compliance with the latest trends in technology. A place that has invested in state-of-the-art reproductive technologies and latest advancement in fertility services like Fertility Point Nairobi’s clinic will definitely expose you to high chances of becoming a parent.

• Affordability- Despite the fact that you may not wish to choose entirely on price, it is advisable to know the costs ahead of time to plan effectively for the treatment. At Fertility Point, the total cost of doing IVF ranges between Kshs 400,000 to slightly above Kshs 550,000 depending on how early one seeks medical assistance so as to boost chances of success.

• For vitrification, choose a place that has a proven track-record of achieving successful pregnancies with embryos that they have frozen.

• The clinic’s success rate- Are the clinic’s IVF success rate greater than the national average? It is also advisable to look at live birth statistics for your age (not just the pregnancy stats) and compare to the national average.

• Patient reviews of the clinic.

• The location- This is a critical factor since you will be required to make several visits to the clinic, sometimes on very short notice.

• Find out if the clinic’s staff promptly respond to questions asked via email or on phone. If they are unwilling to answer your questions, then they won’t have sufficient time for you as a patient.

Things to consider when looking for a fertility doctor:
• The fertility specialist’s professional reputation, preferably a world renowned doctor who is experienced and has high success rates. If multiple couples had an excellent experience and commendable outcome with a particular fertility specialist, then that doctor is worth considering. Fertility Point has a team of world-renowned IVF doctors and a dedicated clinical staff with international expertise that will work together to provide you with a tailor made and personalized treatment plan.

• Look for a physician who is Board Certified in ‘Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility’.

• A large volume fertility clinic (like Fertility Point having done more than 700 successful IVFs ) with experienced physicians is likely to have the expertise to run a high-quality embryology lab. Fertility Point has invested over Ksh 100 million to set up and equip its embryology lab. This has been instrumental in helping it to achieve the highest success rates averaging at over 65 per cent.

• Trust your instincts. Does the fertility specialist communicate with you? The doctor should explain the tests to you and your partner. Moreover, the doctor should explain to you your chances of successful conception without any form of exaggeration. But if you lose confidence in the specialist or feel uncomfortable with them, then follow your guts.

If you are ready to pursue IVF treatment, Fertility Point can help. The clinic’s physicians and care managers will assist you find the right treatment for your fertility problem and walk with you towards parenthood. Please contact Fertility Point’s dedicated support team on phone: +254 787 050 074 or email: for more information.