12 Digital Content Strategies To Elevate Any Brand

12 Digital Content Strategies To Elevate Any Brand

The thought of presenting can be daunting for many people. In the business world, presentations are conducted on a daily basis in order to inform and educate on product launches, proposals or business ideas. If you are working on building a brand, whether you’re new or experienced in the business world, it’s important to conduct presentations that are professional, engaging and appealing.

However, this skill isn’t just established overnight. Presenting, and the comfort that comes along with it, can take years to perfect but it is absolutely essential in any business setting.

Get ahead on your presentation game with the help of Presentation Geeks. Our professionals have 50+ years of combined experience amongst our highly skilled and trained team members. We have designed over 50,000 slideshow presentations for emerging and established businesses to great success.

So, are you looking to build your brand and stand out from the competition? Our presentation services are a great place to start. Whether you’re presenting a new business idea or you want to provide new information to your employees, a slideshow or training manual is a great way to keep your audience interested in the topic at hand while keeping them well informed.

Our team offers a variety of different services and we will work with you every step of the way to ensure your presentation or other visual is exactly what it needs to be in order for you to succeed.

1. PowerPoint Design

PowerPoint is a Microsoft presentation software that has been used for decades. To date, it is still one of the most commonly utilized programs for presenting across the world. When it comes to your business ideas or brand representation, a PowerPoint is a great tool to help get your point across to a targeted audience. The slideshows give viewers a visual aspect where you can include pictures, videos and other types of graphics relating to the topic at hand. Many find this program to be a helpful assistant in presenting because it keeps the presenter on track.

However, in order for a PowerPoint presentation to be successful, it needs to be well executed. You could have great visuals but your audience won’t care if the text is overpowering everything else. The last thing you want is for all your hard to be thought of as boring or uninteresting. Instead, you want to WOW everyone you’re speaking to – you want them to be engaged and excited for you to change to the next slide.

Presentation Geeks offers leading PowerPoint design services. We will ensure that your PowerPoint presentation deck represents you and your company as an industry leader. No matter what type of business you are in, we can create a presentation that tells the compelling story of who you are and what you do. We’ll start off by designing a template that can be edited and reused for future presentations. We will then work with you to understand the focal points of your presentation and creatively convey that using graphics and visuals rather than endless blocks of boring text.

PowerPoint has the power to be a highly beneficial tool for your presentation of a product launch or business proposal. Whatever it may be, we will ensure your presentation supports your message in an appealing way.

2. Google Slides

Another great presentation tool used by many businesses is Google Slides. Google Slides is a subsection of the Google Office suite and it allows you to create both online and offline presentations. The platform is completely free to use, which makes it highly beneficial for those businesses who don’t have a large budget and want to keep costs at a minimum.

Aside from being free, Google Slides has many other powerful features that make it very appealing for presenters. When you create a slideshow, it’s very easy to share and work with others. This is especially helpful when the presentation is a collaborative effort. You can also access your project anywhere that you have internet access. Unlike other platforms that save your work to a specific computer, Google Slides just requires you to log into the affiliated Google account and you can simply pick back up from where you left off. In addition, there are features that allow you to easily add drawings, images and videos which helps to ensure your presentation has the visual component it needs in order to best represent your business ideas and overall brand.

With Google Slides, you can achieve a truly professional and unique branding experience. The platform is completely customizable – you can choose to work off one of Google’s pre-designed templates or start completely from scratch. The ability to input text, images, videos as well as a variety of visual effects will be sure to keep viewers of your presentation engaged and entertained. Google Slides can also be very interactive. While this isn’t a well-known fact by many, the tool can create eBooks as well as host a variety of add-on games and activities. Depending on the industry of your business, this can be a great way to demonstrate your product or service. And if you want to publish your work on the web? It’s very easy to do just that – making sure the entire world has access to your business!

Now capabilities of Google Slides sound amazing, and it definitely is, but you need to ensure you are undertaking the presentation effectively and efficiently. Our team at Presentation Geeks has extensive knowledge and experience in creating Google Slides. We offer these services to create first-rate Google presentation templates, which can be instrumental to your business’s success and your goals. Our designers will work with you directly to establish design elements, textual components and color schemes to emphasize your business idea and brand. And the best part? Our templates are editable, which means you can reap the rewards of our service for years to come!

Slideshows are a great way to incorporate visuals into your presentation.

3. Sizzle Reels

Perhaps not as well known as Google Slides, but equally as effective, is Sizzle Reels. This presentation tool is a unique and exciting way to present an idea or topic in order to captivate your audience. Referred to as demo reels or promo reels, Sizzle Reels are videos that are approximately 60 to 90 seconds long. These punchy videos allow viewers to interact with brands in a fast-paced and efficient way. It best showcases the personality of the presenter and their brand, and the punchy format draws attention to whatever is being promoted in the reel. The benefits of a Sizzle Reel include showcasing your brand’s talent as well as the message, product or service your company offers.

There are two different types of Sizzle Reels.

A Promo/Demo Reel is often used to sell as an individual person, product or service. This is especially used by social media influencers to get sponsorships. It also works in the reverse – companies will make these videos in order to boost company growth and so that a public relations team can find influencers to represent their products.

The second type of reel, called a Pitch Reel, is used specifically for investors or prospective business partners. These videos will contain a synopsis of the business, as well as the products or services it offers.

These are informational snippets that let the viewers know the brand or product, as well as provide a brief overview of the company. If you are considering a Sizzle Reel for your presentation, be sure to keep it under three minutes in length. Have a “Call To Action” at the end of your video, which reinforces your main objective. Also, ensure that your video looks professional and contains a music score of some sort.

A Sizzle Reel is often the first point of contact between a company and its audience. Our Sizzle Reel service can help you create a video that has a professional aesthetic and showcases exactly what your company has to offer. We have video production capabilities and with our tools and skills, you will have a reel that will pull people in and is concise enough to get the point across. Our experienced team will also work with you on a marketing plan to achieve, which will be an overall benefit to your business.

Create a Sizzle Reel with the assistance of our video production team.

4. Explainer Videos

Another great component to any presentation is an Explainer Video. These clips are short in length and are typically used to explain your company’s product or service. The videos can also be placed on your landing page, your website’s home page or any other prominent product page. To create a great Explainer Video, you must ensure it is short in length, high quality, brand-appropriate, focused on a problem and has a strong call to action.

When it comes to the duration of your video, you want to be sure that it does not exceed three minutes. While videos are a great way to get your idea across, those too long in length run the risk of losing your audience’s attention span.

To effectively communicate a brand’s value proposition, your Explainer Video should also have high-quality honest and high-quality production. When the video is professionally produced, it increases the reputability of the presentation and of the overall company.

Additionally, the video should match your brand and audience. For instance, does your video on a product align with the style and tone of your company? If the majority of your content has a more relaxed tone and is engaging with online traffic, does your video have that same vibe? You want every aspect of your presentation to engage the customer or investor you are trying to reach.

Your video needs to have a focus and a purpose. Why are you making this Explainer Video? Is it showing your audience how to use one of your products? Is it describing why your business is one of the best in the industry? No matter your intent, you need to make sure your video clearly identifies the problem it is trying to solve.

Lastly, every Explainer Video needs a strong call to action. Clearly state what you want your intended audience to do after watching your presentation. Do they feel more inclined to purchase or invest? They should!
Explainer Videos are a fantastic option for any presentation and Presentation Geeks can help you really elevate your video to the next level. Sometimes presentations come up at the minute, but we are specialists at working under tight deadlines. We will make sure your video accurately represents your brand and product, as well as WOWs your audience.

5. Digital Design Solutions

Presentations are the key to building your brand and presenting your ideas. However, you can also promote your brand identity and products and services through digital design. These design solutions can be undertaken in the form of print, digital media or interactive services.

Having handouts, brochures and digital assets provides a business with additional value in helping to create a consistent experience across multiple marketing channels for their customers. The graphic design team here at Presentation Geeks provides clients with Digital Design solutions and services to ensure their materials accurately reflect and convey the story they are trying to sell.

We specialize in both print and digital media, which are both still relevant today in terms of marketing. If you are seeking to provide clients with tangible information and don’t want to rely on them to seek the information themselves, it is beneficial to consider paper leaflets or brochures. If you are more focused on showcasing your company in a digital format, then you may want to utilize infographics and motion graphics online.

Allow our team to help you create content and presentations with our digital design expertise.

The team at Presentation Geeks can help you with all your digital and traditional presentation needs.

6. Prezi Design

More and more people are turning to Prezi for their presentation needs. This program provides a striking and innovative way for presenters to present their business ideas or products and services. Unlike PowerPoint and Google Slides, which are slideshow-based presentations, Prezi is a tool that creates a display using what’s referred to as a may layout. Users are able to zoom in and out of different items on the map, making it more engaging and interactive to audiences. Prezi is also a web-based platform, meaning that it is easily accessible no matter where you are in the world.

From a business standpoint, Prezi is a great presentation option because it creates conversation between you and your audience. When engaging in discussion, you can simply click on the topics that are relevant and present in a more natural manner. It also is completely customizable, meaning you can include brand guidelines, logos, colors and fonts.

To make an effective and interesting Prezi, be sure to provide a clear and concise background story with organized images. The structure of your presentation is also important. Does it flow naturally? Are topics being presented in a way that makes sense? Timing is also everything. Having transitions like zoom ins and outs will make your presentation that much more interesting.

Presentation Geeks’ Prezi design services will help you create a presentation that looks like it was created by an in-house design team. Even though we have worked with thousands of clients, we take the time to build relationships with each and every company. We want your presentations to accurately portray your brand and mission which is why we go the extra mile to get to know everything there is to know about your business, and you. We will design templates, advise you on the benefits of the platform and even show you how to view analytics, create shareable links and embed results into Salesforce.

7. E-Learning Solutions

E-Learning Solutions has essentially become the new normal. These methods move away from the traditional classroom learning experience and instead lean into the learner’s world via the internet. Online training is utilized in schools and a variety of different business industries.

When a company provides e-learning courses to their employees, they will discover that their workers are more confident and satisfied in their careers. This is because digital learning helps people to improve on necessary skills in the comfort of their own homes or office. They will have access to information anywhere and anytime, which is especially helpful and efficient if they run into a difficult task during a particular project and need assistance.

While relatively new, online learning is here to stay due to its proven effectiveness and result-driven success. If you are hesitant to make the initial investment into these courses, you should understand just how beneficial it can be to the overall success of your company. First off, it reduces training costs and the need for on-site instructors or all new hires. It also boosts employee productivity by allowing them to learn at their own pace and in their own space. Online learning provides your workers with the answers they need which can also result in a lower turn-over rate. And overall, people have a higher retention span when learning digitally due to the graphics and interactive environment.

Our E-Learning Solutions services at Presentation Geeks can help you develop and improve your digital corporate training experience. If you don’t have a current Learning Management System, we can implement one for you. Our professionals have years of experience and knowledge in this sector, which gives us the ability to provide you with world class advice and guidance on how to make your online learning programs as consistent and beneficial as possible. Build your brand and present your business ideas to your employees in a way that they will appreciate and understand.

E-Learning courses are a great tool to present your business to new and current employees.

8. Motion Graphics

Motion graphics can enhance your marketing plan in more ways than one. Animation designs have become an integral part of creating unique, impactful and strategic marketing for companies all around the world. This method allows your audience to connect with your presentation on a visual level. It’s not only about what you have to say – it’s what you can show. The benefits of these 2D or 3D graphics is that it can truly help to create your brand identity and promote brand awareness through the telling of a compelling story. This tool will take your presentation to the next level by engaging your viewers and peaking their interest.

The components of motion graphics include Script, Storyboard & Creative Direction, Sound Design and the Animation stage. During the first stage, you will work towards creating a story and decide on what you want your graphics to represent. The second phase involves finding the vibe for your promotional video or elimination. Sound is integral to motion graphics so it’s important to come up with a unique score for your video. Lastly, after completing the blueprint and sound design, you will finally animate your company video and have it all come together.

The Motion Graphic services at Presentation Geeks provides clients with professional and expert motion graphics video production skills to ensure their company’s story is being represented accurately and creatively. We work directly with you and experienced designers to create innovative presentations. We want you to get the end result that you envisioned and we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and proven results.

9. Brochure Design

As you may already know, a brochure is a pamphlet or paper with a tri-fold or bi-fold and is a traditional marketing tool often used in lieu of business cards. Brochures are informational and a great way to advertise the products and services your business offers. The marketing tool is also a great addition to a presentation. For example, if you are informing an audience about your business’s newest product launch, it would be beneficial to provide them with a brochure after the presentation. This way, they will have a physical and informative item that has your branding, contact information, and current and future plans displayed. It can help your business to become more memorable and top of mind long after your initial demonstration.

With the rise of digital marketing and technology, many people think traditional marketing isn’t as effective. While we do agree to an extent, we also believe that simpler campaigns and methods are still useful in today’s world, especially when targeting different demographics. For example, when you are giving a presentation and going over key focal points, you might not be addressing every audience member’s questions and concerns in great detail due to time constraints and you never want to leave the responsibility on them to go to your website for more information. Instead, you should be one step ahead of the game and leave them with a brochure that is packed with everything they need to know about you, your brand and the story you have to tell.

Presentation Geeks offers Brochure Design services that are eye-catching, organized and bold in design. We specialize in creating leaflets that both businesses and clients will enjoy. When we take on a client, we will work with them in every aspect, from conception and content to layout and logo design. It is our priority to make your brochure everything you want and need it to be.

Consider brochures in addition to the digital presentation component.

10. Training Manuals

Do you want to inform your employees about your company’s brand? When dealing with new hires and even current workers, sometimes the best course of action is to provide them with training manuals. This tool contains useful information that is crucial to building an effective strategy for your employees to understand the goals and objectives of your business. It also acts as a tool to provide information about changes to policies, new software, or new product information.

One of the greatest aspects of training manuals is that they incorporate and put emphasis on visual elements. Many people are visual learners in this day and age, so having these types of materials handy is highly beneficial for any company. Like brochures, they can also be considered a fantastic addition to a presentation. A good training manual should be easy to read and focus primarily on visuals while still being informative.

The Training Manuals service at Presentation Geeks will provide you with assistance from conception to completion. Our dedicated and experienced staff strives to offer impressive design elements while creating manuals that feature your company’s valuable content. We will determine your objectives, design a powerful and attractive template and then add content that speaks to your audience and keeps them interested in whatever they are being taught.
Not only will the Presentation Geeks work to make sure the manuals look good, but we will even make sure they are easy to read so that you can better both your business and employee productivity.

11. Infographics

Infographics are another amazing digital marketing tool to present information to your audience. It utilizes visual data, making it easier and more engaging to explain your brand’s concept. Infographics can be used on your company’s website, email newsletters and even social media platforms. Unlike a large block of text or irrelevant images and graphics, infographics can hold and retain a viewer’s attention for a longer period of time. This is especially beneficial when you are presenting a business idea or want to promote your brand identity to a targeted audience.

Examples of infographics include statistical, informational, timeline, process, geographical and comparison infographics. Depending on the approach of your presentation, you may include all of these types of infographics or you may choose the ones that are most relevant and suited to the topic at hand.

When you work with Presentation Geeks for all your Infographic needs, you will be provided with a service that is determined to best represent your company and find creative ways to share that information with investors, influencers or employees. The success of our work depends directly on the success of your business. Our infographic service includes first determining data points. We will help you decide what statistics are important and what information you need to offer your audience. Next, we will design custom visual elements. This means there will be a heavy emphasis on storytelling and brand recognition – we will create a design that is completely unique to your business.

Infographics include statistics, timelines and comparisons.

12. 3D Modeling & Animation

Are you in the middle of creating a presentation on PowerPoint but don’t know how to make it fun and exciting? With today’s technology, there is absolutely no excuse for a presentation to not have some sort of visual and interactive graphics and images. If you really want to go for the WOW factor (which you should) consider 3D Modeling and Animation. This latest technique allows you to produce a 3D digital representation of any object or surface. Imagine doing a presentation on your company’s latest tool – now how amazing would it be if you could fully animate the process and show your audience just exactly how beneficial this product really is! People don’t just want to hear about results – they want to see results in order to build trust in your brand.

There are three common types of 3D modeling – solid, wireframe and surface. Each has a particular purpose but all of them are able to add an extra layer of versatility and effectiveness to your presentation. PowerPoint is great, but it can be made even better with the inclusion of 3D models and animations. After all, if you were sitting in the audience, would you want to squint and strain your eyes to bread chunks of texts that you’ll never remember anyway? Or would you want to see something cool and completely different from anyone else? We think the answer is obvious.

That is why Presentation Geeks has 3D Modeling and Animations services available to new or experienced clients. Take your presentation to the next level with our efficient, experienced and professional expertise. We can help you with not only creating an entire PowerPoint project, but we will even give you advice and services to really stand out from the crowd and WOW any potential investors or customers. Visuals are what truly convey messages, so let us help get your point across.

Up the WOW factor of your presentation with the help of Presentation Geeks


If you own or operate a business, presentation skills are an absolute necessity. Not only do you want to be a good representative of your company and its brand, but you want your audience to engage with what you have to offer.

However, presentations are not solely based on speaking – visuals are actually even more important in getting your message across. People believe what they see, not always what they hear.

Depending on your business and the products and services you offer, it is beneficial to decide on the right program and presentation tool for you. If you need assistance, Presentation Geeks are always here to help you with any presentation or digital design solutions you are seeking.

We have years of experience in the industry and have provided our services to clients in a wide range of niches. Get in touch today in order to amplify your presentation game and the overall success of your business.