Sunday, July 25, 2021
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Banks can Stay Relevant Despite Growth of FinTech

Whatever way you look at it, traditional banks with a major presence across Kenya and beyond have faced more than their fair share of...

JUMO: A Full Tech Stack for Building and Running Financial Services

Briefly tell us about JUMO and its mandate? JUMO is a full technology stack for building and running financial services. We use advanced data science...

Revolutionizing the Financial Sector Through Innovative Solutions

Through its Reverse Factoring solution, ECap is set to disrupt the way banks finance SMEs to encourage the flow of liquidity Established in 2015, Ennovative...

Growth in Mobile Technology and its Socioeconomic Impacts

The speedy growth in mobile technology in the current time has a range of socioeconomic effects. It has helped to attract funding from the...
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