Vitafoam Introduces Spring Pillows


Vitafoam Products Limited, a leading manufacturer of innovative foam based products, has introduced spring bed pillows named Firenze and Visco-spring Wonder. These adapt to the weight, shape and movement of the head during sleep accomplishing a perfect alignment between head, body and spine.

Vitafoam specializes in manufacturing mattresses, foam sheets, cushions, carpet underlay, bolsters and pillows of different densities and sizes. All these are available at the Company’s outlets situated on the Mombasa Road, ICDC (Maasai Road) off Mombasa Road and Muthithi Road in Westlands.

Sharad Barot, the Vitafoam Chief Operations Officer, explained, “Visco-Spring Wonder pillow is non-allergic and has a combination of memory foam and micro pocket springs which help to maintain its form and provide continuous support for neck. The combination of the two systems allows it to conform to the shape and weight of the head.”

“The memory foam, also known as visco-elastic foam, in the Wonder Pillow is heat and pressure sensitive and it moulds quickly to the shape of the body. Originally developed in the nineteen sixties under a contract by NASA’s Research Center, it was subsequently released for commercial use. The memory foam’s open cell structure generates more airflow through the foam resulting in increased comfort and it returns immediately to its normal shape when you wake up.”

“The micro Pocketed coils (springs) are fitted together to become an independent suspension system that contours to each person’s form and weight, adjusting instantly to every movement and providing new levels of head support. The air contained inside gently flows in and out with every movement of the head, thus reducing heat and moisture accumulation.”

“The Firenze Pillow has exclusive Morpheus (named after the Greek god of dreams) spring pocketed coils which provide an air reservoir that is constantly activated by minimal pressure changes so that heat and moisture can easily escape and fresh air can gently flow with even slight movements of the head.”

“The independent coils in the Firenze pillow make it interactive as it will instantly adjust to any shape and weight and immediately react to any position change, morphing into the most appropriate configuration for an ideal posture.”

“The Morpheus spring pocketed coil system is specifically designed for bed pillows and is both very soft and extremely durable and maintains its properties much longer than any conventional pillow. It is non- allergenic, bacteria free and the fabric is 100 per cent cotton. The head rests on a totally safe and healthy pillow,” concluded Sharad Barot.

Altaf Mapara a Canadian trained physical therapist and the head therapist of Performance Medicine, who works closely with Vitafoam as an ergonomic consultants added, “Sleep is paramount in allowing our bodies and minds to function properly at optimal levels. People who suffer from sleep deprivation may feel a negative effect on their energy levels and cognitive abilities which may in turn affects their ability to exert themselves in everyday normal day to day actives leading to a negative impact on their overall quality of life.”

Mapara continued, “Adherence to good sleep hygiene habits and good sleep posture are key in attaining restful sleep. In this day an age of excessive cell phone and laptop use, there is an overwhelming increased incidence of neck pain, headaches and arm numbness, which can be prevented and managed by adopting corrective posture exercise and by adopting the use of ergonomic pillows”

“No matter what position you sleep in, be it on your stomach, back or side, the pillow should keep its shape (even when you move), and should not need to be fluffed often. The goal is to keep your head in “neutral alignment,” meaning that your head is not too far back or too far forward. The pillow is positioned underneath the head and neck (not shoulders), similar in position to how you would look standing up with good posture. Older pillows should be replaced every 18 months because they can be packed with illness and allergy triggers such as mold, dead skin cells and dust mites. Pillow protectors can help extend the life of your pillow”.