Vitafoam Diversifiies Business


As part of their diversification strategy, Vitafoam Products Limited, well known for the manufacture of foam mattress, has ventured into the supply of branded promotional items through a sister company called Amrak Investments Limited. This outfit designs, brands and prints company logos on bags, t-shirts and other promotional items.
Rakesh Shah, the Managing Director of Vitafoam Products Limited, said “The ban of plastic carrier bags last year inspired Vitafoam to start trading in eco-friendly non-woven products which include bags, car seat covers, laundry bags and suit covers. Following customer requests for branded items, we decided to go a step further and customize these items for our clients and also extend the range of products.”

“We are fully aware that the market is very competitive, but we are very excited by the potential for our products. We design, brand and print corporate give-away items including non-woven bags both plain and gusseted, document bags, umbrellas, gym bags, mugs, pens, portfolios, rulers, t-shirts, sweatshirts, 4x 4 spare wheel covers, banners, caps, flags, pens, PVC stickers , reflective clothing and life jackets.”

The use of branded promotional materials has become a popular mode of marketing in Kenya. It is seen as serving the dual purpose of rewarding and making a memorable impact on the customer. These items are used by organisations during customer functions, in shopping malls to promote products and as give-aways during the festive season.

Vitafoam Products Limited started operations fifty years ago and was the first foam manufacturing company to introduce latex and memory foam products in East Africa. In 2016 they diversified into outdoor furniture and décor, flooring materials, lights, pots and plants through the Home, Garden and Patio Centre. Last year Vitafoam ventured into eco-friendly non-woven products to meet the demand for eco-friendly and reusable bags following the ban on plastic carrier bags.