Oracle Puts Machine Learning at Heart of Cloud Applications Strategy


Next-generation voice user interface and powerful analytics extending industry’s broadest, deepest and fastest growing suite of cloud applications

Oracle Executive Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison has demonstrated next-generation voice user interface and powerful analytics capabilities within Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications. The only cloud applications built on machine learning, Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications provide a complete and fully integrated suite of applications that empower business users across the organization including customer experience, finance, HR and supply chain professionals.

Built on a secure, self-driving cloud platform and cloud infrastructure, Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications take advantage of the Oracle Autonomous Database and separate applications and security processors to help customers increase business agility and reduce costs. Customers can easily develop application extensions to meet unique business needs, enhance the user experience through a modern conversational UI, automate hundreds of manual business functions and automate cloud migration to reduce upgrade costs, accelerate time to value and improve delivery predictability.

Extending the industry’s broadest, deepest and fastest growing suite of cloud applications,

Ellison launched Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse. A complete analytics platform for business users, developers and IT professionals that is built on Oracle Analytics and Autonomous Data Warehouse, Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse is optimized for all Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications to enable rapid deployment and business value. Customers can use the fully extensible and customizable solution to also bring in data from other SaaS and on-premises solutions.

Quotes from Larry Ellison’s keynote presentation:

  • “We have more SaaS applications than any other cloud provider.”
  • “We provide you with a set of tools where people can collaborate together and ask questions, work together as teams, and solve problems. It is a whole new generation of applications.”
  • “We automate those tedious processes, we automate those complex processes, giving you huge productivity gains, by adopting our next generation cloud applications.”
  • “It is now so much easier to capture expenses, so much more accurate, people aren’t wasting time. If I want to find out when I’m going to get paid, when I’m going to be reimbursed for a trip that I’m on or for a trip that I’ve completed or a business dinner I had, I can just ask Alexa.”
  • “We’ve actually had customers already using our mobile capabilities, our chatbot capabilities and our new voice interface to build new features and functions into their applications. Again, if we can build voice interfaces on top of our applications, so can you.”
  • “If you don’t know the right question to ask, the machine learning part of our analytic tools will help you find the correlations and help you ask the questions, and then give you English language explanations as to what they find.”
  • “We automate the creation of the data model in the warehouse. We automate the migration of the data in the data warehouse. It’s the Autonomous Data Warehouse. It automatically tunes itself. It adds indexes. It adds whatever it needs to run efficiently. It does all that automatically. You just press a button.”
  • “By working together, your good ideas, our good ideas, we can deliver the next generation of SaaS applications in the cloud.”