DT Dobie’s “Panga Safari” Helps Motorists to Enjoy Safe Travels


To help motorists enjoy safe travel in readiness for their holiday driving, DT Dobie has a “Panga Safari” offer of a free service check covering 27 points. This closes on Friday (November 16th) and will benefit Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Jeep and Nissan owners by assisting them to avoid roadside problems over the holidays.

Customers taking advantage of the free check-up who decide to carry recommended maintenance and repairs will benefit from a 20 per cent discount for spares and a 15 per cent reduction for labour charges.

The maintenance inspection includes checking the engine running condition, inspecting all the electrical systems, checking the car’s suspension, shocks and bushes. The attention of the vehicle owners will be drawn to fuel, oil and water leaks and there will be a careful check of the brakes, steering mechanism and general underside of the vehicle.