Jackline Cherop: Travel Guru Taking People Around the World

Jackline Cherop, founder, Densey Tours and Travel.

She is not new to tourism industry, having worked for over ten years and becoming an expert in the field. Cherop talks about her entrepreneurship journey and how she has managed to grow Densey Tours and Travel to what it is today.

In 2013, Jackline Cherop had a vision of becoming an entrepreneur. With over 10-year stint in the tours and travel industry, she decided to register her own company, Densey Tours and Travel. The company is one of the leading African travel houses that specialize in conducting tours and travel worldwide.

Her work experience, complemented by her education background in the same field, was what motivated her to venture into the tourism industry.

Cherop holds a diploma in Travel and Tourism Management from Kenya Utalii College and a degree in Business Administration from Kenya Methodist University. She is currently pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Her inspiration behind starting the company was that she wanted enough time to spend with her young family. She was also tired with employment, and with adequate knowhow in the tourism industry, it was a sure bet, since she knew how to do it best.

After registering the company however, the young entrepreneur had the fear of the unknown. “I lacked the courage to quite the job immediately as I had the fears of the company not succeeding.” It is the fear of failure that holds many people back from success.

The mother of two nevertheless decided to opt out of employment in 2015, two years after registering the company, and the operations of Densey Tours and Travel started officially in the same year.

“I started with one employee, but today the company employs 12 permanent staff.” She has also brought another director on board, and together, they are scaling the company to higher heights.

Densey Tours and Travel offers a range of services which include ticket booking, hotel booking, tour packages, corporate travel, travel insurance, and car rentals just to name a few.

The products also comprise a choice of more than 150 airlines and over 65,000 hotels. We are proud of our passion for travel, pleasing experiences and first class customer satisfaction.

Most remarkably, the products are customized to suit the needs of every client. “Our services are personalized as opposed to the group or mass. Particularly for leisure travel, we want to make sure it is tailor made to meet client’s needs. It helps to give individuals personalized attention,” she offers.


It has been fun as I have been able to interact with many people.”

In a span of four years, the young entrepreneur has been able to grow Densey Tours and Travel, especially in corporate and leisure travel.

Cherop says: “It is our commitment to our customers that has led to this growth.”

The company has also introduced an option that allows people to save for a holiday. “Planning is the only way many people can afford to go for a holiday. We encourage our customers to save as early as possible to avoid last minute rush,” she states.

Despite the major strides, Cherop observes that entrepreneurship comes with a host of harsh, but rewarding challenges.  To start with is that everything and everyone depends on you, including making sure the company is running profitably, paying salaries on time, and ensuring customers are satisfied.

In this regards, entrepreneurs must visualize and put more effort to ensure the company stays afloat.

Furthermore, stiff competition from other industry players keeps them on their toes. Cherop however feels that the market is big enough for all service providers, considering that customers are becoming aware that they can travel, and tourism is for us, not for people outside there.

The tourism market is also very unpredictable, and it depends on the stability and economy of a country. Good economic climate means that people have extra money to spend on leisure activities.  Additionally, a stable political condition is a significant requirement that enables a tourist to visit and travel within the destination region or country.

Going forward, Cherop plans to expand Densey Tours and Travel both within and outside the country. “Our plan is to open more offices in Kenya in the short term, and expand to other countries in the long term.

They also plan to be big in corporate travel.

To other women planning to start up, Cherop advises them to start something they are passionate about. They should also ensure customers are satisfied as this will make them to come back. Above all, discipline and patience are key factors as a business takes time to grow.


Cherop at a glance

A mother of two and a wife

Starts her day at 6:30 A.M – takes kids to school before leaving for office

Arrives in the office at 9 A.M and leaves at 4 P.M

Unwinds by traveling with her family and hanging out with friends

Loves reading inspiration books