Regal Africa: The Ideal Wealth Management Service Provider

Anne Wambui, Founder & CEO, Regal Africa.

The diversified financial service group offers wealth advisory to individuals and businesses to ensure their wealth is maintained for generations to come

Established in 2015, Regal Africa Group is a diversified financial service group that offers financial, advisory and real estate services to businesses, individuals, institutions and governments in East Africa. The aim is to help clients achieve their financial goals.

Since formation, Regal Africa has been true to its mission of creating wealth for its clients as its main focus is wealth creation and wealth management.

How it started

After working in the corporate sector for over 10 years, Ann Gaitha felt the need to form a company focusing on wealth creation. “I’ve always been entrepreneurial and passionate about wealth creation for all, and Africa Economic development,” says Gaitha. “I believe Nairobi can and should be the business and financial capital of Africa and so, I established the company to provide the services I saw were missing in the marketplace,” she adds.

Through her experience in the financial service industry, Gaitha realized most people lacked information on how wealth is created. This is because, they were not taught about personal finance from an early age. Most of them therefore just wing it in life. In regards to business finance, most people start a business because they don’t have a job. It therefore means the majority of businesses are informal and do not have the foundation to scale up.

The founder says the experience has so far been exciting and challenging. On one hand, there are so many problems to solve and she believes Regal Africa has the solutions for the potential clients. On the other hand, our culture makes people to believe that advice should be given free and the only way to create wealth is by investing in Real Estate. Such perceptions are however slowly changing and more people are now open to getting more information and weighing their options so that they can make better financial decisions. That is where Regal Africa comes in as wealth advisors to individuals and businesses.


 The advisory services offered include financial, investment and strategic advice.

“We are the go to distribution channel for the best investment products in the marketplace. We currently have strategic partnerships with seven of the best fund managers in Kenya who are also licensed by the Capital Markets Authority.”

The company offers wealth management services to its affluent and high net-worth individuals to ensure their wealth is maintained for generations to come.

According to Gaitha, Regal Africa focuses on creating value to institutions, governments, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), as well as offering transaction advisory and strategy advisory services to other organizations.

The company prides itself in being very innovate and pushing the boundaries of the services currently offered to clients. It is currently in partnership with a South African company and plans are underway to start offering an online academy that covers personal and business finance courses. “We realized financial education is something that is missing and that’s why, there is low uptake of professionally managed investment options,” offers Gaitha.

The online academy will be launched in the next one month and we are optimistic that the knowledge received will enable individuals to take up the right and the best financial products.

Furthermore, the company is working on an online financial marketplace – the first in East Africa. The goal is to inform and facilitate the uptake of the best financial services and products in the market for businesses, individuals, investment groups and the diaspora clients who have access to technology and want options to access products 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Why Regal Africa?

At Regal Africa, we care, we understand and we are here to guide you. That is why clients need to work with our team because our mantra is “Client First”. Being an independent company, we not only offer just one product to our clients, but we recommend the best options in the marketplace. Our core values are ticket to your financial success which means we offer t​rust, integrity, client​-centric, knowledge,​excellence and teamwork.

“We pride ourselves by ensuring that our team has great global education, experience and exposure, which ensure we offer the best advice in the marketplace.”


Having been in the business for almost four years, Regal Africa has assisted clients from all over the world (USA, Europe, Africa and Asia). “We initially focused on the East Africa region, but we are currently working with clients in the COMESA region, which we had planned to access in 2020,” observes Gaitha. There is no doubt the company is pushing boundaries and going global.

In spite of these achievements, Gaitha says the journey has not been smooth. “The biggest challenge is lack of financial education and the culture of clients wanting free advice or not paying their dues.”

However, the company is addressing the issue by establishing online courses to allow people to learn about wealth creation before taking up the financial services. In short, it is segmenting online free service vs face to face paid services.

Road ahead

Going forward, Regal Africa looks forward to be the go to and trusted wealth advisor in Kenya either through its online platforms or face to face bespoke services.

In the next five years, it plans to expand from just covering East Africa and the COMESA area.  “We are looking at establishing regional offices around Africa and other international financial centers including London, New York and Dubai.”

Regal Report

Gaitha encourages all readers to subscribe to the quarterly publication called Regal Report. It is a free digital publication which can be accessed at​. We share periodic wealth news and outline the data from the research done regarding the best investment returns in the market and information needed by clients to ensure they are financially free and have guidance on their wealth journey. The current publications include: “My people perish for lack of knowledge” and “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together”. We believe everyone needs guidance on their wealth journey.

Gaitha at a glance

  • Holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance, Real Estate and Law and a minor in international business from California State University, Long Beach
  • Holds an MBA in Finance from Hult International Business School
  • Has over 14 year’s cumulative experience in the financial service industry
  • Previously worked for Amana Capital, a licensed fund manager in Kenya; and Bank of America in California, USA