Internship an Important Transition From The Classroom to The Real World.

Maureen Wangari, an intern at Vitafoam Products Limited production department, takes stocks of mattresses on the factory floor during her day’s work.

Internships are very important for students as they are able to apply what they have learnt in classrooms to the real worlds of commerce and industry to help choose a career. Employers on the other hand are able to assess potential applicants more effectively than using interviews.

Maureen Wangari a second year student at Kiriri University of Science and Technology in Kiambu County who is undertaking a Diploma course in Procurement of Supplies and Management secured a three month internship with Vitafoam Products Limited. She is working in the Company’s factory located off the Mombasa Road which is a requirement of her course.

She explained, “I now know why it is important for internships to be part of our curriculum. College training leans on theory, but this opportunity has helped me translate what I have learnt into practice. This has added interest and value to my area of study”.

“The knowledge acquired to know the purchase flow has enabled me to create all documents without any difficulty. I have now understood that recording and verification of goods received in the factory in a timely manner ensures that there is a smooth flow of production”.

“I now fully appreciate that the success of an organization is dependent on team work. There is the need to get along with everyone even those working in different departments as all are responsible for the running of the factory”.

“My supervisor at the Company and other staff members are very helpful and I am grateful for their polite guidance when I get things wrong and their willingness to help me out in situations that I am not familiar with.”

“The transition from college to real work is a challenging step as they are two different worlds. Unlike in college where you can be late for a lecture, interns are treated the same as employees   and following the Company’s rules is important. I have enjoyed the work that I have been doing and I look forward to getting a job in an organization like Vitafoam once I have completed my studies.”