Study Tour For SOS Technical Training Institute Electrical Department Students.

George Ochieng (left), an electrician at Vitafoam Products Limited explains to Brian Muoki (centre) and JohnBosco Mwenda (right) , students of electricity at SOS Technical Training Institute a power change over system which enables the factory to switch from solar generated electricity to diesel generators, the KPLC mains while machines are in operation.

SOS Technical Training Institute Electrical Department students were given a comprehensive study tour of the Vitafoam factory on Maasai Road off Mombasa Road. The objective of the visit was to relate classroom studies to electrically powered machinery in a facility making foam based products.

Daniel Ndungu, lecturer at SOS Technical Training Institute commented, “Study tours for educational institutions provide students with practical understanding of what they learn in school.Learners are exposed to workshop equipment and machines that are not available at their institution.They also get to know about techniques currently in the market to keep them abreast with the latest industry practices.”

“Students get to interact with experts and ask questions relating to their studies.We should encourage educational tours for our schools and colleges as they also help in developing the personalities of the young boys and girls.Study visits to different organizations for learners are beneficial to them as it is easy for them to remember what they see compared to what they read in books”, concluded Daniel Ndungu.

Vitafoam Products Limited, a leading manufacturer of innovative foam based products and specializes in manufacturing flexible polyurethane foam products. These include mattresses, foam sheets, cushions, carpets underlays, bolsters and pillows of different densities and sizes. These products are manufactured in line with the Company’s vision to provide comfort, relaxation and rest by using modern machinery to ensure affordability.