Regular Fire And Safety Drills to Avoid Catastrophies.

Mumbi Karuki (centre), the Chief Trainer of the International Safety Training Centre demonstrates the correct use of a fire extinguisher to Vitafoam Products Limited staff led by John Mbuvi (left) the Human Resource Manager during a fire safety training programme for employees at the factory on Maasai road off Mombasa road.

Fire damage is devastating and results in high cost repair work and replacement of machinery and goods. Most organizations have a structured environment with installed alarms and fire fighting equipment, but it is very important to conduct regular fire and safety drills for employees

Vitafoam Products Limited held a comprehensive fire and safety training programme for staff at the factory on Maasai road off Mombasa road which was run by the International Safety Training Centre (ISTC).

Sharad Barot, the Chief Operations Officer at Vitafoam Products Limited explained, “In 2015 a catastrophic fire completely destroyed our factory and this experience taught us that prevention is better than cure. If workers are knowledgeable and aware of the best ways to prevent fires, they contribute significantly to a safer workplace and reduce the threat of fire for both people and property”.

“In any organization all are responsible for avoiding fires and proper fire training is very important. The course showed employees how to conduct a fire safety risk assessment and to respond swiftly and effectively in case there is a fire. They also learned how to identify the correct fire extinguishers for different types of fires. Lack of knowledge about prevention measures can result in a small fire becoming a major conflagration with devastating results,” concluded Sharad Barot.