Hassle-Free Travel With Your Kids


The August school holidays are around the corner and you may be planning a trip overseas for your family. Frequent travelling, whether for work or vacation can be daunting especially if there are many connections and is more so when planning a trip with children, regardless of their age. Travelling with your young ones need not be a painful experience, as it’s the little things on board an aircraft that can make all the difference.

Here are a few tips to have up your sleeve.

Bear necessities: While flying, family friendly or familiar amenities help reduce anxiety build especially on long haul flights. On Emirates flights children and infants enjoy fantastic offerings which include Fly with Me stuffed animals that they can keep after their flights.

Entertainment: It’s important to find ways to keep children distracted especially when travelling on a long-haul flight. For those moments when they start to get jittery, your kids can watch the latest films, cartoons, and more on their own personal seatback TV.

Good food, happy kids: While parents are advised to carry formula or milk for infants, the dietary requirements for children between the ages of 2 and 12 are catered for on Emirates flights. The menu involves tried and true kids’ favorites, including vegetarian options.

Keep your kids comfy: Make sure your kids are attired comfortably. Take an extra layer of clothing that can double up as a pillow so they can blissfully drift away into sleep.

Families travelling on Emirates can avail complimentary baby stroller service at Dubai International Airport and priority boarding which helps settle in children ahead of the flight.