Mercedes Benz Leads The Prime Mover Truck Market


The prime mover truck market segment in Kenya is headed by Mercedes Benz Actros with the sale 66 units in the first half of the year giving DT Dobie a 52 per cent share.

Explaining the success of the Actros Alexander Helfritz, the Sales and Marketing Director of DT Dobie said, “This is due to the truck’s well earned reputation for reliability and long life combined with value for money, servicing and repairs carried out by factory trained technicians who are backed by a comprehensive stock of spares.”

Another factor is the DT Dobie training programme for drivers run by Joe Mungai. He explained, “The three day course features a mix of classroom and on the road lessons. The curriculum is based on the key role of drivers to achieve the best possible return from the owner’s investment.

The drivers learn to maximize fuel economy and prolong the life of tyres and components which are subjected to wear to reduce the need for repairs and the purchase of spares. Strong emphasis is placed on road safety and defensive driving to avoid accidents which can cause injuries, loss of life and expensive repairs.”