How to Spot a Professional Real Estate Agent


Selling, buying or renting property is a big endeavour. It must be done right so that there’s no room for regrets – even if this means seeking expert advice and guidance.

You want the services of the most ethical, professional, skilled, experienced and successful real estate agent. Nothing less than that.

Property developer/owner

Maybe you own or have developed an impressive property. Here, we are talking about a stunning piece of work, artistically designed and appealing to the eye. Moreover, it is located in a prime location! Now that’s a true gem.

You want to sell or let it for a profit that will make your heart sing in happiness and satisfaction. You won’t settle for less. Why should you?


Or, are you a property investor?

You are on the lookout for an irresistible property deal. The deal of the century, if possible! You want to buy a property that makes serious economic sense to you. The property should give you excellent returns. Good for you!


Oh, you are a tenant!

You are searching for a residential or commercial property to rent. It should be just the right house or building. The perfect fit. It must have all the amenities you need. The rent must be right, and the conditions agreeable. Fantastic!


Now, who will link you to that object of your desire?

You need a professional real estate agent. Get that right: a reputable, professional real estate agent with all the qualities of a professional realtor.

Here are a few key qualities you should look for in a great, professional real estate agent:


This is the first quality to consider. You have no business dealing with a person who doesn’t understand how the industry works.

Remember, this is the person to hold your hand and walk you through the forest that is real estate so that you don’t get lost.

How well trained is this agent you want to deal with? Be sure you are in the hands of a knowledgeable real estate agent.


A great agent shows a commitment to offer excellent real estate services to clients. How professional is yours?

Integrity & honesty

This is yet another important trait that your real estate agent should possess. The world is full of crooks. Why should you entrust your deals to one? You don’t want to be conned out of your hard-earned money, do you? Cases of numerous people who have been conned through dubious deals abound. Don’t join that list!

Your real estate agent should be someone you can trust explicitly.


Having the requisite real estate agency skills is not enough. Your ideal agent should also boast a strong network of industry contacts locally and globally. In addition, your agent should have a strong, accurate database he or she can dip into when necessary.

Is your agent assured of market support from a reputable organisation? Please confirm.

Communication skills

You want an agent who listens well and conveys the shared information accurately. This agent should be a good listener so as to understand your needs and provide the most appropriate advice.

You don’t want your interests to be miscommunicated, do you? It could be very costly.


Are you likely to meet an agent who understands your situation well enough to empathise with you? Yes, you can!

This person understands that you deserve the best deal possible and will do all that is necessary to assist you.

Get the right agent

When clients work with a RE/MAX Agent, they are guaranteed exceptional real estate services. This is because RE/MAX Agents are true, customer-focused professionals. Contact a RE/MAX agent today.