Leading Provider in Flexible Office Space, Kofisi, Launches New Office in Karen, as it Focuses on Increasing Productivity Across Africa

From left Michael Aldrige CEO Kofisi, Constance Mackenzie center Manager during the launch of the New Office.

Kofisi, a leading provider of flexible office work space across Africa, announces the opening of a new office site in Karen, helping to meet the growing demand businesses have for greater agility.

Joseck Angote, Finance Manager Cadbury Kenya Ltd, said: “We value Kofisi’s knowledge of how to support businesses to operate successfully in the local market. Their focus on providing a sophisticated space, integrated technology and leading service, allows us to be more agile, and to concentrate on the core of our business.”

Michael Aldrige addressing the media.

Client needs in Africa 

Across the Continent, Kofisi’s clients are choosing the option of flexible workspace because it benefits them at all stages of their journey. Clients who are entering, expanding or entrenching can be flexible about the number of desks they rent, they can take on more, or reduce, desks as required.  This makes the Kofisi business model in Africa both sector and cycle-agnostic.

This trend is supported by Knight Frank’s report, “Kenya Market Update 1st Half 2019” which highlights a trend that is happening around the world, where the increasing popularity of choosing a flexible workplace has overtaken the more traditional office rental. This model has particularly struck a chord with SME’s, maturing start-ups and multinationals, where flexibility and cost effectiveness – not only in the number of desks, but also in the length of lease – is highly attractive.

Kofisi Knowledge Room.

In pole position to meet rising demand 

“As a result of population growth, and infrastructure development, affluent suburbs like Karen are evolving and a need for flexible office work space is growing.” said Kofisi CEO Michael Aldridge. We are currently in six countries, our vision is to open in 25 cities, representing a market size of 11 million users. Wherever we are, we continue to set new standards by combining high end collaborative African design with global know how and state of the art integrated technology.’’

About Kofisi

Kofisi is a leading provider of flexible office workspace with over nine centres across six cities, including Lagos, Nairobi, Johannesburg, Kampala, London, and Dar Es Salam. Kofisi is part of Sunbird Africa. Sunbird Africa is leading provider of flexible workspace, fit out and facilities management. Responding to client demand and the market opportunity, Sunbird, recently rebranded its flexible workspace offering to Kofisi, dedicated to being Africa’s top provider of inspirational workspaces.