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Brooklyn Ridge Gardens – Joska along Kangundo Road.

Real Estate – A tricky yet lucrative investment. With the prevailing wave of fraud and scam in real estate investment, you might be left wondering… how can I maneuver in this industry and make returns instead of losses? Get plots with ready title deeds through Denver Group today!

Denver group has a remarkable story behind its success. It is rather obvious that the journey of entrepreneurship is coupled with its own share of challenges. Not every entrepreneurial venture leads to fruition. Entrepreneurship is all about sticking to an idea relentlessly, under the guidance of the primary goals, while avoiding mistakes that may derail the growth process. An entrepreneur is not only able to identify opportunities but also implement strategies that will make the said opportunity a leeway to success.

In the realization of the modern Nairobi, we cannot deny the fact that settlement has been dense over the past years. Any city in such a scenario compels its inhabitants to identify locations close-by that will offer them the opportunity to settle. This translates to urban growth. Fortunately, infrastructure within Nairobi have been expansive enough; hence, offering not only easy access to the outskirts, but also added settlement convenience. Denver Group has been keen on identifying the most ideal locations for those interested in settling within the outskirts of Nairobi.

Since inception, Denver Group has been very active in seeking ways into the real estate industry, and this has already been achieved to the greater extent. Today, we are proud to confirm that we are an established real estate company, with strong interest at heart to make settlement possible for you. ‘The company was established in 2015, with the sole objective of creating an investment in real estate that provides affordable real estate and empowers property investors through selling of value added plots within Nairobi and its environs, which are enhanced to suite immediate residential settlement, commercial investments, and capital gains. It all started with a few parcels that we managed to purchase. The initial magnitude that we had in the real estate market sired the idea of establishing a company that will open up larger wings for more benefits to a larger audience.

So, what do you stand to gain in real estate investment? Did you know that chances of making losses in real estate investment are minimal and almost zero? Did you also know that real estate investment has a countering force to inflation? How about making immense returns in both short term and long term basis? All these attributes describe real estate investment. No one invests money to count losses. Rather, it is always an investment to make profits, and huge returns for that matter. Real estate never disappoints when it comes to convenience, lucrativeness, and returns.

The Driving Force

Ever fallen prey for real estate fraud? If yes, then you can confirm how disheartening and tormenting the experience can be. The founder of Denver Group was once a victim of fraud and this was definitely a cup of tea. A whooping Ksh 300,000 went in the blues just like that and there was little he could do. ‘Real estate industry is subject to a lot of cases of fraud. To set the path straight, I thought of coming up with a company that will restore trust among the land buyers by offering value for their money. With authentic title deeds, any land buyer will definitely have trust in the seller.

The experience of owning personal land also made significant motivation highlights the director. “I was privileged to own a plot of land in Nyeri back in 2012. This time, my Ksh 550, 000 yielded fruits, and I was a proud landowner, He recalls. This also made me want to share the same experience with others by offering them a leeway to real estate investment.”

Projects Complete and Underway

Our zeal for success has seen us maneuver through smoothly so far. We have managed to complete some major projects with some taking place currently. We are happy to have successfully completed one at the Ruiru Kamaki’s.

Denver Group has developed an eye of interest along Kangundo Road. Apart from being a point of convenience, in terms of, access, Kangundo Road also offers an expansive environment, with a vast population of Nairobians opting to settle there. We are happy to announce that we have launched our two latest projects, which are underway along Kangundo Road, that is, Grace Gardens Estate in Malaa, which is just 800 meters from the tarmac for a price of 850,000 shs per plot and Brooklyn Ridge Estate in Joska, which is just 1.8 Kilometers off Kangundo Road for a price of 800,000 shs per plot. It makes it an ideal opportunity for you to settle in a strategic and prime location along Kangundo Road.

Grace Gardens Estate – Malaa along Kangundo Road.

Owning a home has never been this easy. With a flexible payment plan, you can own your own property courtesy of Denver Group. Partial payment is allowed with zero interest on installments, which stretches to 4 months. All documentations including title deeds are processed within the shortest time possible upon completion of the purchase.

Are You Safe With Denver Group?

Absolutely Yes! We have all the safety and risk management measures on the ground just to safeguard your hard earned money. Safety assurance is not always built around trusted and credible companies. There are other factors that must be accounted for like;

Having done a thorough search of a credible company, go right ahead and search for the property with the help of the lawyer and surveyor. This will assure you that the property you intend to buy is indeed in existent. Property search should also encompass location for the sake of ensuring that the property bought is strategic and convenient as well. Denver Group is technology friendly, for the sake of ensuring utmost safety for our customers. We value your safety to the core.

Road Ahead

Our accomplishment will be realized once we have a platform that offers all individuals the opportunity to invest in real estate. We have so far made remarkable strides, and this is definitely not going to stop. We are at the verge of launching projects targeting the lower middle class. Our aspiration is to have a price bracket of between Ksh 100,000 and Ksh 1,000,000.

In compliance with the Big Four Agenda under the current government administration, Denver Group Founder sheds some light on his intention to venture into housing investment in the near future. “The necessary infrastructure and framework are on the ground already in readiness to achieve this milestone.” Invest with Denver Group today and get affordable Real Estate in prime areas

Denver Group


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