How to Weather the Storm in SME Sector

Joanne Mwangi CEO and Founder of Professional Marketing Services Group during Uganda's Top 100 conference at Golf Course Hotel.

Marketing guru, founder and of CEO of Professional Marketing Services, Joanne Mwangi, graced the Top 100 Conference that took place on 28th November this week in Uganda.

Top 100 Awards is a prestigious award rewarded to the top SMEs that have hit an annual revenue from between U.S $97k and U.S $6.7m based on a survey by KPMG.

Back in 2010, both PMS and Joanne Mwangi bagged a combined total of 3 awards, a fete that is yet to be matched by any other competitor to date.

Inspired by her hard work, resilience and boldness, Top 100 Uganda turned to the marketing guru, Ms. Joanne Mwangi to be their keynote speaker representing Kenya. Having been chosen to represent Kenya at the E.A.C event, based on over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience and solid business acumen, she expounded on how SMEs can grow and be competitive in today’s industry as well as overcoming issues that are facing the SME sector today.  

PMS started over two decades ago as a business to just pay off run off the mill bills but her wealth of experience, commitment and unbowed determination to grow led her to build a self sustaining company that supports and pays over 500 bills. From the upsides of building her marketing empire, she is going to challenge other SMEs on how to counter and give their competitors a run for their money.

Joanne Mwangi was honored to have been invited by Top 100 Uganda for not only believing in her work and devout commitment in reshaping the marketing industry but also her intellectual prowess that would help drive forward Top 100 visions and goals.

“Being a part of Top 100 presents me with an opportunity to give me back to the community and I would like to add on to the impact it already has established,” said Joanne.

She added that;

“I always want to be a part of something that will positively shape our future and by being presented with this opportunity to share my wealth of experience, help others in this industry or beyond to grow and actualize their potential, then the pleasure is all mine.”


Top 100 awards is an organization by KPMG and other shareholders depending on country of origin within E.A.C (East African Community) that is meant to reward SMEs that have hit certain financial milestones. This is meant to help these SMEs to push on and create that extra competitive incentive and through this, it will help create employment, reduce poverty levels among other things. For SMEs that have hit the U.S $10m mark, they are welcomed to the 101 club and from these, gain better partnerships, learn from the conglomerates in the industry as well as associate with them first hand.