Vitafoam Enters The Competitive Beauty Products Market.

Vitafoam Destin Africa
Sharad Barot (left), the Chief Operations Officers at Vitafoam Products Limited, Elizabeth Akoth (second left) and Grace Mburu (right) Sales Executives display the newly introduced Vitajelly products which are available in three sizes of 50, 100 and 250 grams.

Vitafoam Products Limited has entered the competitive beauty products market with the launch of Vitajelly. For people there is a pure and perfumed petroleum jelly and a milking jelly for livestock use. These are available in three sizes of 50, 100 and 250 grams at attractive prices.

Zaheerabbas, the Vitafoam Production Manager explained, “Our customers trust us for our quality. We have a control laboratory manned by a technologist who ensures that the process of making Vitajelly meets the approved Kenya Bureau of Standards specifications. Before packing each batch a sample is taken to the laboratory for tests to ensure the users are buying a safe quality product”.

“Though many people consider petroleum jelly to be a beauty product it has other uses including preventing diaper rash in babies and a moisturizer for skin, lips and hands. It is highly effective as a lubricant for varied needs like the removal of finger rings and easing door hinges”.

“Vitajelly is ideal for the removal of makeup especially the waterproof ones that need oil-based products to get rid of them. With the use of a cotton pad and Vitajelly, eyeliners ,matte lipsticks, glued false eye-lashes and foundations are easily melted down and removed without stripping away the natural oils and moisture that keep the face healthy”.

“For hair it reduces the look of split ends and adds shine. In addition it helps minimize scaling of the scalp and itching which is caused by inadequate scalp and hair moisture”.

“The Vita milking jelly aids in the prevention and healing of cracked cattle teats thus preventing mastitis keeping cows and goats healthy. Though we are entering a competitive market, we are confident our product is a game changer”, concluded Zaheerabbas.

Vitafoam Products Limited, a leading manufacturer of innovative foam based products and specializes in manufacturing flexible polyurethane foam products. These include mattresses, foam sheets, cushions, carpets underlays, bolsters and pillows of different densities and sizes and non-woven bags. These products are manufactured in line with the Company’s vision to provide comfort, relaxation and rest by using modern machinery to ensure affordability.