Extreme Clean Combating Covid-19 Through Car-Cleaning Services

Extreme Car cleaning Destin Africa

The outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic has forced people and governments across the world to adopt healthy and safety measures to fight the virus that has infected people and caused deaths far and wide. 

 Every individual, business and industry has a part to play in containing the further spread of the virus and this is not any different for the automobile industry,” says Extreme Clean, a leading car cleaning company in Kenya, adding that, “Vehicles, whether private or public are widely used in the day to day activities of all citizens and therefore remain one of the most vulnerable places through which the virus could be transmitted. Proper everyday hygiene and sanitization of auto-mobiles is crucial and could go a long way in preventing the further spread of the virus and reducing the risk of infection.”

Extreme Clean, established in 2015 is a premium car wash services that provides car owners with excellent services in cleaning and maintenance of vehicles at a great value. “Almost five years on, we are now a household name majorly because of our non-conventional world class cleaning services and high client satisfaction rates,” notes the company in a statement. 

Besides being a car-cleaning business, the firm keeps a keen eye on public health and ensures safety of the community where it operates, this is crucial in combating the Covid-19 pandemic. Among the strategies adopted by the company in view of this includes disinfection and sanitization of vehicles with a pricing structure that is tailored to ensure great value to a client depending on their needs. 

“We have also rolled out a 50 per cent discount on all our car cleaning services for healthcare workers in a bid to recognize their roles and sacrifices made in the fight against Covid-19 and ensuring that the country is safe,” says Extreme Clean. 

Additionally, it is offering a 10 per cent discount on all its car cleaning  services to all clients during this challenging times. 

Clients, both individuals and corporates can also enjoy options of monthly subscriptions for unlimited car-washes at a fair price, mobile car-wash (you can schedule a doorstep cleaning services at the comfort of your home through our specialized mobile app) or visit Extreme Clean convenient location across Nairobi and shopping malls including the Hub Karen, Naushad Merali Drive, Lavington, Two Rivers Mall, Runda, TRM Mall, Thika Road, Garden City Mall, Thika Road and Ananas Mall, Makongeni Thika. 

The company has also taken adequate measures to comply with the Public Health measures as well as the Occupational Health and Safety Act by providing its staff with masks, gloves and hand sanitizer in the workplace and ensuring the locations are frequently cleaned and sanitized. This also ensures the staff is safe in dealing with client’s vehicles and that the services are provided in the safest environment possible.