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Stephen Kihonge, MD, Wishwork Homes. Destin Africa
Stephen Kihonge, MD, Wishwork Homes.

In the last few months, the media has fed Kenyans with news on how some investors have lost their hard-earned money after investing with unscrupulous real estate providers. Although many go as far as doing due diligence to ensure genuineness of the parcels of land, money get lost through a number of ways. They include uncompleted projects, failure by companies to deliver promises, overpriced property, non-existence parcels of land and lack of genuine title deed of the property.

This ordeal is what Stephen Kihonge, went through some years back. His desire to own a property led him to invest with a housing cooperative with the hope of owning a home. However, Kihonge’s dreams were cut short after realizing that all his money had gone down the drain. “I injected my money honestly, later to realize it was a loss; it really hurt.”

As a result, Kihonge decided to establish a real estate company to offer genuine services in a transparent way and timely delivery. That was how Wishwork Homes was born. It is a property developer registered as an international company, with presence in Kenya and Uganda.

True to its mission, the real estate developer has endeavored to gain and maintain goodwill and very favorable relationship with potential clients. This has not only built its reputation as a genuine company, but has also expanded its opportunities. The professionally run company has its system directly linked to external auditor to trace; every coin. The system has a backup in India. The property developer is also run by professionals in their own fields who ensure that potential investors get value for their money.


With only one year experience in the industry, WishWork Homes has turned many people to land and home owners through its various projects. The company has done projects in diverse counties as a way of reaching out to different people at county level with strategic, genuine and affordable properties.

The developer has conceptualized and completed a range of projects including Breeze Estate (I) to (III) in Matuu Machakos county, Plains Estate (I) & (II) in sipili Nyahururu, Harmony Estate (I) in Kitengela, Gempark Estate in Garisa road which had 11 units, and Umoja Heights at outering road, Umoja Nairobi.

Furthermore, it has two ongoing projects. They are Furaha city located at Athi River along Mombasa road and Lengai estate based at Kitengela.

Furaha city located at Athi River along Mombasa road

The projects are located in areas with high potential for growth and this guarantees investors’ high return on their investment. Besides, growing areas have higher appreciation rates and have better capital gains and resale profits. Some are based in Nairobi Metropolitan making them easily accessible by people working within and around the central business district and the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

According to Kihonge, the properties are affordable and the house units have the best prices in the industry. For instance, the introductory price for an eighth plot in the open land estate (Plains Estate) was as low as Ksh 85,000, making it affordable by people of all income brackets.

The payment plans are also flexible, with investors required to pay a deposit and clear the balance in a specific period depending with the project terms. However, such terms are not cast on stone as the company always gives a listening ear to serious investors and adjusts accordingly depending with clients’ needs. At the end of the day, the objective is to help people to own homes.

The properties have free site visits where investors can view the properties before the actual purchase as part of the due diligence process.

Proposed house plans.

Housing gap

There is a huge housing gap not only in Kenya, but also in Eastern Africa. This is especially caused by the rising population and the migration of people to the urban areas in search of better economic prospects. It is estimated that by the year 2050, half of the population will be living in major cities and towns. The supply of housing in most towns is therefore low and it cannot meet the demand from the growing number of residents. However on a positive note, private investors such as WishWork Homes are reducing the demand gap to cover the shortfalls.

The real estate developer is particularly investing in gated communities since there is high potential in the area. In Kenya, more and more people in the middle and high income brackets are choosing to live in a gated community for reasons such as safety and security, extra privacy, provides an air of exclusivity, and a sense of community.

Proposed Ground Floor Plan and Site Plan.

WishWork Homes is also working on ways to offer affordable housing in Eastern Africa. To achieve this, it’s targeting people earning as low as $ 300 per month and helping them in their journey towards home ownership.

To reach people even in diaspora, the property developer has stationed agents in various countries including Zambia, South Sudan, Dubai and Qatar.

Going forward, the company plans to increase the number of agents across the world and expand its operations in the whole of Eastern Africa.

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