Hometrust Group Ltd: Affordable And Genuine

Hometrust Group Ltd: Affordable And Genuine

Real estate in Kenya has seen a number of changes in property prices, supply and demand and the ever common affordable and genuine property investment/ownership has being the talk of the town.

Due to this reason to provide prime, affordable and ready to settle property in areas with high potential for growth, Hometrust Group was born.  The real estate firm is Kenyan based with an aim to help buyers own land and property and, with a goal to empower individuals add value to their generations through providing real estate solutions and bridging the gap by providing genuine properties and at an affordable cost.

True to its mission, the real estate developer has endeavored to gain and maintain goodwill and very favorable relationship with potential clients. This has not only built its reputation as a genuine company, but has also expanded its opportunities.

Why Hometrust Group

1.Affordability- Hometrust Group properties are very affordable starting from as low as Ksh. 130,000

2.Flexibility-They offer a flexible installment payment plan of upto 12 months.

3.Investing with Hometrust Group  assures you of reaping capital gains because they have an able research team that identifies places with high potential for growth near upcoming infrastructural developments such as highways, bypasses, airports, railways and cities.

4. Value-addition-The properties are value added in that they ensure erection of perimeter fences, grading of internal access roads, drilling of boreholes and availability of electricity. This makes your property ready for immediate development.

5. Accountability-With over 2,000 title deeds issued, you are assured that you are working with a trusted and esteemed real estate company in Kenya.

Target Market

Hometrust Group through its various projects has turned many people to land and home owners with a target market of existing and potential land buyers who have the desire to own land for commercial, residential, agricultural or for speculative purposes.


With vast experience in the real estate industry, Hometrust Group has turned many people into real land owners through its several projects in diverse counties as a way of reaching out to different people at county level with strategic, genuine and affordable properties.  The developer has conceptualized and completed a range of projects in Machakos County (Matuu), Kilifi County (Malindi) and Nanyuki. Some of our completed projects are: Haven Gardens-Matuu, Phase (I) to phase (IV), Furaha Gardens-Matuu, Phase (I) to phase (IV), Victory Place Gardens along Garissa Road-Matuu all in Machakos County, Baraka Gardens, phase( I) to phase (III) in Malindi.

Our ongoing projects are:

Hometrust Gardens-Matuu located along the recently tarmacked Kivandini-Masinga bypass and a ten-minute drive from Matuu Town. The 50 by 100 plots are going for Kshs.130,000. 

Hometrust Paradise-Malindi is located along the Malindi-Salagate bypass and thirty-minute drive from Malindi Town and Malindi Airport. The 50 by 100 plots cost Kshs. 40,000 each and an acre costs Kshs. 200,000.

All the projects are near highways, bypasses, shopping centers and towns. Very affordable as they provide flexible payment plans of up to one year (12 months).

The properties have free site visits where investors can view the properties before the actual purchase as part of the due diligence process.

Factors investors should consider before investing?

  1. Accessibility
  2. Water source
  3. Soil quality
  4. Flooding
  5. Utility access e.g: electricity and water
  6. Purpose-residential, commercial, agricultural or speculation.

Housing Gap

The rising population and the migration of people to the urban areas in search of better economic prospects have caused a huge housing gap not only in Kenya, but also in Eastern Africa. The supply of housing in most towns is therefore low and it cannot meet the demand from the growing number of residents. However on a positive note, private investor such as Hometrust Group Ltd has an aim to venture into building and selling affordable homes and houses reducing the demand gap to cover the shortfalls.

Investment in real estate has been on the increase in Kenya mostly in towns and now clustered in counties in the current legal systems of County Government contributing to over 7% to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) directly and therefore one of the key Sectors as the devolution government has empowered most areas hence making them habitable.

Going forward, the company has a vision to settle two million Kenyans by vision 2030 and this will be achieved through providing affordable lands and plots.

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