Glovo Strategic Expansions and Partnerships to Make the Platform more Accessible


Glovo, the on-demand delivery start-up has announced a new wave of strategic partnerships and launched operations in Ngong and Rongai Towns as part of its expansion strategy to provide delivery services in various parts of the country.

Glovo already has the widest coverage in Nairobi among on-demand eCommerce companies and this move will see the company extend its delivery of food, drinks, supermarkets, as well as Express shipment services to residents in Ngong and Rongai Towns

As part of the firm’s expansion, Glovo has partnered with global supermarket chain Carrefour Supermarkets in a move targeted at extending its services to Carrefour customers in Nairobi, as well as KFC to expand its list of fast-food delivery options to its users

Glovo having introduced dynamic pricing of its delivery services based on distance back in January 2020, the start-up has now reduced its prices by 20%, remaining to be the most affordable delivery service platform in the country. Glovo aims to make the delivery service more affordable and accessible to more consumers in the country.

Priscilla Muhiu, Glovo’s General Manager for Kenya said: “This move is part of Glovo’s strategic expansion in Kenya, in which our long-term aim is to have a presence in all towns in the country. We are committed to helping our partners to amplify their businesses and increase sales, and providing quality service delivery to all our customers at an affordable price. This expansion will ensure that many more people experience the convenience that Glovo brings to their lives,”

“We’re excited to be entering into these partnerships and we look forward to providing our new consumer base access Carrefour’s and KFC products from wherever they are in Nairobi. We believe that these partnerships will help us achieve our broader strategy of being a one-stop-shop for all our customer’s needs and deliveries,” she added.

About Glovo

Glovo is an on-demand delivery platform that allows you to buy, collect, and send any product or item within your city. Born in Barcelona, the company operates in over 650 cities in 22 countries across EEMEA, LATAM, and

Sub-Saharan Africa. Glovo has more than 2.5 million monthly active users, 50,000 active couriers, and over 50,000 associated partners worldwide.