Lesedi Developers Unveils Lipa Mos Mos Payment Plan

Lesedi Developers Unveils Lipa Mos Mos Payment Plan

Owning a home is a dream for many and that is why Lesedi Developers Limited a leading real estate company has launched Lipa Mos Mos payment plan which will allow customers to pay in installments for upto 6 months as the owner develops the property. The launch is reflective of the firm’s commitment and dedication to providing affordability projects with flexible payment plans.

The plan aims at bringing on board more people to property investment and home ownership journey.

The real estate company was recently recognized for its positive contributions to making property accessible and affordable to all Kenyans. The company bagged the Best Low Cost Land Selling Company in the just concluded Real Estate Excellence Awards 2020 held in Nairobi.

The new strategy targets people whose income levels enable them to make monthly installments. The plan will ride on the company’s investment in fast-growing areas in the country including Nakuru, Thika and its environs to enable both low and high income earners own land in well accessible, developed areas.

“Innovation is one of our key values and we continuously look for ways of making investment easier for our customers,” Geoffrey Kiragu, Director, Lesedi Developers Limited.

“We are glad that we have made investment convenient especially for our customers to invest in land. We are an innovative real estate company that is continuously adopting new ways to positively change the real estate sector in Kenya”.

“We recognize that the majority of our population have had challenges in actualizing their home ownership desire due to the high land prices and most cannot access credit facilities for different reasons. Lesedi Developers provides both affordable properties in urban areas and also goes further to ensure that you can pay in monthly installment if you do not have the full amount at hand.’

The innovative scheme is set to boost home-ownership and property investment. The projects are located in :
Nakuru Lanet
50×100 at KSH. 649,000
Acacia Muthaara 40×80 at KSH. 550,000
Ithanga 50X100 at KSH. 199,000
Maai Mahiu 50×100 at KSH. 399,000
New Muthaara 50×100 at KSH. 699,000

All parcels of land have ready title deeds for transfer once payment is completed. This is a 100 percent money back guarantee that the developer is selling genuine property.

As part of due diligence, the properties have free site visits where investors can view their properties before the actual purchase.

For more information, contact Lesedi Developers at:
Call: 0704 222 444
Email: info@lesedidevelopers.co.ke