Three Steps You Should Take After Losing Your Job Due to the Pandemic


By Artur Meyster

Suffering job loss is never a good experience. Unfortunately, millions of people around the world are currently trying to get back into the workforce due to mass layoffs that have occurred as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. If you find yourself a part of this group, rest assured that there are steps you can take to rectify the problem and get back on your feet.

Before diving into three steps you can take, it’s important to recognize one important detail. Reentering the workforce right away is not in your best interest. Covid-19 is a disruptive force, to be sure, but it has accelerated the use of technology in the workforce. This merging will result in another disruption sooner than many would like. Taking the time now to prepare yourself for that disruption, rather than getting caught off guard by it, is one of the best courses of action. To that end, here are three steps you should follow if you have lost your job during the pandemic:

Reflect on Your Career

It may be difficult, but try to view your job loss as an opportunity. Millions of Americans end up in the wrong career because they chose their initial job in an attempt to appease someone, or because it was the first job offered to them out of college. If you genuinely enjoyed the career you had, then more power to you. 

However, if you are realizing that you really didn’t enjoy your job, you should consider looking into how to enter a new career path. CNBC recently discussed how nearly half of all workers have made at least one dramatic career switch, with the average age of those workers being 39. It’s never too late to change paths, and losing your job may be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Reflect on some of the common reasons for leaving a job and see if any of the reasons match how you felt about your previous career. If so, use this time to launch a new career that better suits your interests and skills. 

Identify a Valuable Skill

Whether you’ve made the choice to switch careers or not, gaining a new and useful skill for the future of work is a simple way to show your value as a prospective employee. While millions of people are vying for similar positions and have the same skill set, you can take the time to develop a new skill that will set you apart from all of that competition.

Truthfully, the most valuable skill you should consider learning is how to code. Coding emerged as a desirable skill in the past decade and has given rise to numerous fields. On top of this, coding will not be going anywhere for years to come. Picking up skills in one or more coding languages can easily set you apart from others in the eyes of a recruiter.

There are a number of popular coding languages, but Python and JavaScript are two of the most common. The former is a versatile language that can be applied to most jobs, whereas the latter focuses more on Web development. Both have their strengths and weaknesses, but exploring them more is the only way to decide if one resonates with you. 

Attend a Bootcamp or Trade School

After determining which skill you want to pursue, rest assured that there are educational institutions you can attend that are affordable and don’t take too long to complete. The level of education these schools offer is more than comprehensive. If you’ve chosen to code, then attending a popular coding bootcamp listed on BootcampRankings would be a great use of your time. 

However, if you are learning another skill or simply have a different career in mind, attending a highly rated trade school is a great choice.One of the online courses can be completed in about a year and feature specialized courses that prepare students for a specific career. Take advantage of these cheaper institutions and gain the knowledge and skills you will need to launch a new career.


There’s no shame in losing your job during this chaotic time. Millions around the world are struggling to land jobs after their careers have been lost. Take solace in the fact that you are not alone, but ensure that you do not become complacent. Get out and take action to set yourself up for a new, long-lasting career that will be of interest to you and will show off your skills.

The writer is the founder of BootcampRankings and Career Karma