Customers Vote Family Bank as Best Tier Two Bank in Digital and Customer Experience

Family Bank CEO Rebecca Mbithi receives an award from Kenya Bankers Association CEO Dr. Habil Olaka where the bank emerged as best tier 2 and 2nd best overall in customer responsiveness and satisfactory digital experience.

Family Bank customers have voted Family Bank as best tier two bank and the overall second-best bank in customer responsiveness and satisfactory digital experience in KBA’s Customer Satisfaction Survey 2020.

According to the Survey, 73% of the respondents mentioned convenience and efficiency as main features of interest when using a mobile application with ease of usage, log-in security and friendliness of user interface being the other critical factors. Digital Banking channels (Mobile and Internet Banking) recorded the highest usage among customers, especially in the wake of COVID-19, as more Kenyans adopted contact-less banking solutions, to reduce the possibility of infection and comply with Government guidelines. Utilization of Mobile Banking channels was at 52%, against 57% in 2019. Internet Banking utilization reached 23%, compared to 34% in 2019.

From the Survey, 3% of all the respondents or approximately 455 people were People Living with Disability (PWDs). Significantly, the PWD respondents were largely able to use banking services, independently (unaided), at 81% while 19% needed support. For the non-PWDs, the ratios were 88% and 13% respectively.

“Family Bank’s 2020-2024 strategy is hinged on providing superior and differentiated customer experience while incorporating customer-led innovation at its centre. The Bank has been driven by improving our customer experience largely through feedback that we have been getting from our customers. We pledge to continue to make our digital services more accessible and user friendly,” said Family Bank CEO Rebecca Mbithi while receiving the award at KBA offices.

“I would like to thank the Kenya Bankers Association for undertaking this survey as it provides a gauge on how well, as an industry, we continue to service our customers. This award by our customers is a testament to our commitment to continuously improve our customer experience across all channels,” she added.

The Bank currently has 87% of its total transactions being carried out by customers through its digital platforms. In 2020, the Bank unveiled its new mobile banking application PesaPap that is a fully customer-led innovation. The improvements in user experience, design, and simplified customer journeys of the app were fueled by customer feedback.

According to the Survey, a total of over 13000 respondents ranked the various banks based on the quality of their digital banking offering that included both mobile and internet banking and overall innovativeness. The findings of the Survey indicated that the adoption of digital banking was not hinged on size with the second position taken by Family Bank, a Tier II bank, ahead of a number of Tier I banks, with most respondents singling out its Mobile Banking solution, PesaPap, as their preferred channel.