Dairyland Increases Fleet With Six Hyundai Refrigerated Trucks

Sarfraz Premji (left), DT Dobie General Manager, Hyundai Trucks and Bus delivers two out of an order for six Hyundai trucks to Erick Sande , the Fleet Officer, Glacier Products Limited (Dairyland).

Dairyland has added six new Hyundai trucks to the Company’s fleet. The vehicles are fitted with refrigerated fibre glass bodies and will be used for delivery of Dairyland ice cream.

Sarfraz Premji, the DT Dobie General Manager for Hyundai Trucks and Bus delivered the vehicles to Erick Sande, the Fleet Officer for Glacier Products Limited (Dairyland). The new trucks are five HD 65s which carries five tonnes and one EX9 with a capacity of seven tonnes respectively.

Erick Sande said, “These vehicles will be a big boost to our business for the delivery of ice cream and chocolates countrywide. We are already operating 12 Hyundai trucks which have proven very reliable and fuel efficient. The variety of truck sizes enable us to deliver orders for different quantities and at the same time adhere to legal weight requirements.”

Sarfraz Premji said, “There are a growing number of Hyundai trucks on our roads as they have gained a reputation for reliability having been designed for Kenya and assembled locally. Recently we introduced the Hyundai EX 9 due to a growing demand for nine tonne trucks and it is already proving very popular.”

“A significant number of owners operate fleets of more than ten Hyundai trucks and a high proportion of them have covered more than 500,000 kilometres with only routine maintenance and minor repairs. The trucks are adaptable to a variety of bodies making them ideal for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) distributors, farmers, bakeries, builders, manufacturing companies and transporters.”