Companies focusing on Tech for Good for sustainable living

Companies focusing on Tech for Good for sustainable living

Visa (NYSE: V), the world leader in digital payments, will host a webinar on the role of technology in enabling and promoting sustainable living in collaboration with other tech firms.

The webinar will seek to expound on the role technology firms play in promoting sustainable living, good governance, as well as the further adoption of digitisation and new solutions that assist in the achievement of the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs). Further insight shall be shared on the steps Visa has taken to play a part in the attainment of the UNSDGs.

Eva Ngigi-Sarwari, Country Leader for Kenya at Visa says that the webinar is a great opportunity to bring together players in the technology space to discuss their role in supporting sustainable living in the digital age. “It is now impossible for tech organizations to ignore the social impact that they have within their respective areas of operation. With the acceleration of the transition towards the digital economy occasioned by the Covid-19 pandemic, the time is ripe for players in the tech field to make a bigger contribution towards a more inclusive and sustainable future.”

Carl Manlan, Vice President for Social Impact, (CEMEA Region) at Visa believes that it is very important for companies to consider focusing more on supporting the recovery and growth of business in a more inclusive way. “During these challenging times, accelerating inclusive and equitable economic growth and supporting the recovery of small and micro businesses is more important than ever,” said Manlan.

The webinar shall further expound on how Africa can leverage some home-grown tech solutions to help offset some of the challenges being experienced on the continent. Potential avenues for this include the development of smart cities and homes; smart transport options; good governance through the use of data; and clean power amongst others.

Those partnering with Visa include Bolt – the leading on-demand transportation platform in Africa, Flourish Ventures – a global fintech venture capital firm with a strong focus on Africa, and Global Voice Group (GVG) – a leading regulatory technology developer and Big Data Analytics organisation. The webinar will be held on Thursday, 29th July at 3pm.

In addition to the aforementioned participants, Dr Jane Munga, a policy expert from the Ministry of Information, Communication, Technology, Innovation and Youth Affairs, shall also speak at the webinar.

The webinar will additionally seek to highlight how the collaboration of the public sector, private sector and regulators in developing tech-based solutions is critical for meeting the UNSDGs. Those seeking to attend the webinar can register via the registration link (registration link). The webinar will take place virtually on Thursday 29th July at 3pm (EAT).