Proto Energy Partners With Car And General

Proto Energy Partners With Car And General

Proto Energy Limited, a market leader in in LPG retailing has purchased a fleet of 74 Piaggio tuk tuk pickups from Car and General for gas distribution throughout the country.

The vehicles were delivered to Mr. Santosh Jadhav, the Sourcing Manager of Proto Energy at the Company’s facility in Kabati, Muranga County by Raphael Atanda, the Marketing Manager of Car and General and Carol Samuel, the Key Account Manager.

Santosh Jadhav said, “Piaggios are very economical and we are pleased with the availability of well trained technicians and spare parts from Car and General. The aftersales service is available at outlets throughout the country. We are looking forward to purchasing more units to strengthen our operations”.

Carol Samuel said, “We at Car and General are very proud to partner with Proto Energy and we are confident that our three wheelers will help with their gas deliveries including the last mile clients. The bodies were modified at our workshop for carrying LPG.”

Raphael Atanda commented, “A growing number of organizations and individual entrepreneurs are turning to the Piaggio three wheeler range of vehicles. There is a choice of vans, or pick-ups for delivery work, courier services, laundries and fast food operations. The passenger vehicles ar ideal for taxi services”.“To pave the way for entrepreneurs with modest funds to operate taxi and delivery services, Car and General has made an arrangement with Watu Credit, a micro finance institution to provide advice and assistance for purchases of Piaggios. Many owners of these vehicles have reported a fuel consumption of 36 kilometres per litre. We have been making our customers to smile for the last 85 years.”