Stima Sacco Named the Best Sacco in the Use of Digital Solutions


Stima Sacco has been named the best Sacco in the use of digital solutions at the Digital Tech 100 Awards 2023.

In a statement after the win, the society noted that the award is a clear testimony of its commitment to always give the customers what is best for them. “Technology is the cornerstone of all our operations and we shall remain committed to giving our customers the best.”

The Digital Tech 100 offers a platform through which outstanding corporates in the provision of digital tech based solutions are recognized and celebrated in order to boost their corporate image.
The tech award came at a time when digital solutions have become significant for Saccos to streamline their operations, improve efficiency, stay competitive in the evolving financial landscape, as well as heighten overall efficiency.

By beating others peers in digital solutions, it is evident that Stima Sacco has adapted to the ever changing member expectations and market dynamics, while continuing to serve its core mission and offering affordable and tailor made financial services.

With the ever increasingly technological advancement and digital transformation which is here to stay, the Sacco has invested heavily in order to provide its services efficiently and serve its customers better. For instance, it has adopted digital banking platforms and mobile banking apps to provide members with convenient access to their accounts and financial services.

The M-Stima Mobile App has allowed Stima Sacco to move virtually all its operations to the palm of the hands of the customers. Through the app, customers can make all the transactions such as checking balances, transferring funds and making payments among others and interact with the Sacco at any time of the day.

As digital technologies become the cornerstone of our daily activities, the Sacco is also thriving on the wheels of social media to increase its reach, engage its customers and address their issues in real time. It is also promoting financial and digital literacy in such platforms.

Being the largest Sacco in the region in terms of dividends and asset base, Stima Sacco will not only continue to spread its wings, but will also continue receiving national recognition. For instance, the performance report recently released by the Sacco Societies Regulatory Authority (SASRA) recognized the Sacco among the top two nationally in terms of revenue, performance, and healthy assets among other parameters.

In addition, the Sacco was also awarded for being voted among the best Sacco in Property Finance in 2023 in the Real Estate 100 Awards.