MESPT Recognized Among the Devolution Warriors

MESPT Recognized Among the Devolution Warriors
Rebecca Amukhoye, Chief Executive Officer MESPT, is joined by MESPT members of staff after being awarded at the Devolution Warrior Awards Gala.

Micro Enterprises Support Programme Trust (MESPT) emerged the 2nd Runners Up of the Devolution Warrior Awards Kifaru Category. This was announced during the 2nd edition initiative organized by The Council of Governors (COG).

The Kifaru Award category is for someone or an institution that has provided support and taken a keen interest in a particular devolved sector and objectively addresses the issues that relate to that sector.

MESPT’s work in line with the award

With funds from DANIDA, the European Union and The Nature Conservancy, MESPT has been supporting the agriculture and financial sectors in 27 Counties , to increase capacity in agricultural productivity, access to finance for employment creation and poverty alleviation with a focus on women and youth. To this award, our achievements include:

27 Counties have increased agricultural productivity and food safety resulting in 17 County Food Safety Committees established, and members trained on Food and Feed Control System and domesticated food and feed safety regulation at county level.

12 Agricultural Training Centers (ATCs) are revamped through renovations that support training and have been equipped with modern facilities for training of farmers in agriculture. The centres are accredited and are attracting youths and different organizations for training and meetings.

12 counties have their regulatory framework on feed and food safety in place with increased county investment in surveillance and inspection with budget provision in their 2023/2027 CIDPs.

5 wet markets have new infrastructure, staff trained on sanitation & hygiene, market management, new food and feed inspection philosophy and wet market management policies and bills developed.

465 County Staff trained as Trainers of Trainees (TOTs) to provide training and extension services on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Standards (SPS) based on CBET approach. The TOTs have trained 16,964 Value Chain Actors (VCAs) and 3000 champions for food safety.

15 Green technologies have been promoted with 8,000 farmers adopting the technologies. The farmers can save energy and water and know how to reuse their waste, thus increasing their incomes while conserving the environment.

Overall, 150,000 farmers have been trained, KES 7 billion in sales turnover realized, 70,000 jobs created, and 600 youth enterprises strengthened.

KES 6.6 billion disbursed in credit reaching over 350,000 end users for investment in agribusiness and impacting over 1,330,000 people in Kenya (Average Household (HH) size of 3.8). This underscores the pivotal role that is played by MESPT in the socio-economic development of Kenya.