Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Meet the CEO Who has built her Ladder to the Top

We talk of climbing the ladder, but Catherine Mwamba has built her own ladder to the top. She started Times U Sacco...

Times U Sacco: Your Timely Financier

The Sacco has positioned itself as a one stop shop for its members where all their financial needs are met

Saccos: Towards Sustainable Development

They have been at the forefront supporting sustainable development through the provision of flexible and affordable financing solutions In...

Stima Sacco Named the Best Sacco in the Use of Digital...

Stima Sacco has been named the best Sacco in the use of digital solutions at the Digital Tech 100 Awards 2023.

Cooperatives: The Bottom -up Force of President Ruto’s Economy

Cooperatives will support the formalisation of informal sector players and entrepreneursPresident William Ruto has said the Government is keen on strengthening cooperative...

Tai Sacco Strives to Transform Members’ Lives

Tai Sacco Strives to Transform Members’ Lives
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